Massively OP Elden Ring Build Means You Have To Be Naked

Massively OP Elden Ring Build Means You Have To Be Naked
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Joseph Kime


4th Mar 2022 14:41

Elden Ring naturally takes a lot of cues from Dark Souls - the game series that was once FromSoftware's grandest achievement. The franchise, and frankly, everything by FromSoftware, has been incredibly punishing with immensely rough learning curves - and Elden Ring is no different.

The adventure across the Lands Between is just as brutal as expected, with much of the game's difficulty being determined by the class you choose at the start. But, one player has built a class of their own that has the potential to dish out unbelievable amounts of damage.

What Is The Overpowered Naked Elden Ring Class?

Penguinz0, better known online as Cr1TiKaL, has discovered and named a brand new class in Elden Ring. If you're bored playing as a Hero, Sorceror, or Wretch, this gives the player incredible damage at the expense of their armour.

The Glass Cannon build (named after the colloquialism for a player with high damage output but a very low defence stat) was created after Cr1TiKaL collected the Blue Dancer Charm after taking down the Guardian Golem.

The item raises the player's attack power when they have a lower equipment load, meaning they dish out more damage when wearing less. So, naturally, he took his character's clothes off and wandered around The Lands Between as the ultimate proof of high risk, high reward.

Fans React To Glass Cannon Elden Ring Build

Massively OP Elden Ring Build Means You Have To Be Naked
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Players have been sounding off in the comments in response to the bizarre build, and it looks like fans are going to be taking Cr1TiKaL's advice to recreate the class. "I played Elden Ring on heavy load on accident and just recently realized I have been at a vile disadvantage after 25 hours", says one commenter. Sounds like they've got some kit to drop.

"I need to know all the stuff he has for this build, this looks ridiculous," says another. It's clear that the build is impressive to fans, especially as Cr1TiKaL can sweep bosses almost with ease despite his severe lack of defensive stats.


We've already seen some impressive builds in Elden Ring, with someone recreating Darth Maul from Star Wars, however, this is an actual build that can help you. We never thought we'd be taking on the Tree Sentinel in our delicates, but there we go. 

This isn't quite the same as getting unlimited runes, but at least it's a moral way to beat the Elden Beast. The naked Elden Ring build is bizarre, but then again, games like this bring out the bravest in a lot of players. We certainly wouldn't be stripping down to nothing in order to take some of these bosses on, so more power to the players who will.


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