Elden Ring Kenneth Haight Quest: How To Complete The Kenneth Haight Questline

Elden Ring Kenneth Haight Quest: How To Complete The Kenneth Haight Questline
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17th Jan 2023 13:34

The Elden Ring Kenneth Haight quest is an early-game questline that you can begin during your time in Limgrave and finish toward the end of the experience for some cool rewards. Elden Ring was the behemoth game of 2022, but with its opaque soulslike design, not everything is straightforward, especially when it comes to quests.

Notably lacking quest markers and clear direction, the quests in Elden Ring can be difficult to get through if you aren't exploring everything, and even then you can miss an important trigger. So, if you want a breakdown of the Elden Ring Kenneth Haight quest, we've got you covered.

Elden Ring Kenneth Haight Quest: Starting The Quest

Elden Ring Kenneth Haight Quest: Starting The Quest
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Starting the Elden Ring Kenneth Haight quest requires you to find Ken himself and speak to him. He can be located in the east of the Limgrave region, directly northeast of the Mistwood Outskirts Site of Grace, standing atop some ruins on the road.

When you get close, you can hear him calling for help, so just follow the sound and you should find him easily enough. If you speak to him, he will ask for your help in clearing out Fort Haight, thus beginning the quest. Make sure you exhaust his dialogue options first, and then set off for Fort Haight.

Elden Ring Kenneth Haight Quest: Fort Haight

Elden Ring Kenneth Haight Quest: Fort Haight
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To find Fort Haight, get back on the road and continue onwards. You'll initially be taken north before it loops back south, taking you through a large forest with a Minor Erdtree on your left side. Keep following the road, and eventually, you'll come to the Fort Haight West Site of Grace, where you should see Fort Haight itself on the coastline.

Make sure you freshen up at the Site of Grace and then head up the path toward the fort. There will be some simple knights to deal with and a Pumpkin Head guarding the fort, along with an Elden Ring Golden Seed you can pick up.

Now make your way into the fort, where there are some enemies who will be shooting flaming arrows at you from above. You can take cover from these, but it's best to just run up the stairs and start taking them out. Once the lower level is cleared out, climb the stairs that lead to the top of the fort walls.

At the top, you will find a tough Godrick Knight, who is essentially the mini-boss Kenneth sent you here to defeat. His attacks are fairly slow and easy to dodge, leaving you plenty of time to get attacks in and back off. Once he is dead, you will also earn the Blood Slash Ash of War.

Before leaving Fort Haight, find the tallest turret and climb the ladder to the top. Here you will find a chest with one-half of the Dectus Medallion, which is a key item for reaching the Altus Plateau later in the game.

After you're done exploring the fort, make your way back to Kenneth Haight, who can be found in the same spot you originally met him. Speak to him, and he will reward you with the Erdsteel Dagger, and then upon exhausting his dialogue options and resting at a Site of Grace, he will make his way to Fort Haight.

If you go back to Fort Haight, you'll see it is overrun with demi-humans, and you can find Kenneth on the walls. Speak to him again, and he will tell you he cannot knight you until he finds a true lord worthy of Limgrave.

Technically, the quest is over at this point, but you can resume Kenneth's story much later in the game if you are interested in the fate of Limgrave.

Elden Ring Kenneth Haight Quest: Continuing The Quest

Elden Ring Kenneth Haight Quest: Continuing The Quest
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After finishing the Elden Ring Morgott boss fight when you arrive at Leyndell, if you've been following the Nepheli Loux questline, you will be able to give her the Stormhawk King key item. Once you've done this, head back to the Godrick the Grafted Site of Grace in Stormveil Castle, and rest there.

If you head into the nearby throne room shortly after, both Kenneth and Nepheli should have moved there (as both of their questlines now intersect), with the latter sitting atop the Stormveil Castle throne as the new lord of Limgrave.

Speaking to Nepheli will net you an Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone, and if you talk to Kenneth, he will tell you that he plans to move back to his fort where he can make you a knight. However, this doesn't seem to actually happen, so at this point, the questline is now over.

That's our full breakdown of the Elden Ring Kenneth Haight quest, and now you know how to follow his quest through the game to earn yourself a special weapon and an Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone.

If you also want to work your way toward one of the darker endings for the game, check out our walkthrough of the Elden Ring Dung Eater quest.

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