Elden Ring Diallos: How To Complete The Diallos Quest

Elden Ring Diallos: How To Complete The Diallos Quest
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Elden Ring Diallos is one of the NPCs you meet when you first reach Roundtable Hold. Elden Ring has a colourful cast of characters for players to meet and interact with over the course of the game. Diallos Hoslow is one of those characters who go on a journey throughout the game, and since the release of patch 1.03, his story has been extended to its ending. Here are all of the steps required to complete the Elden Ring Diallos quest.

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Elden Ring Diallos: Meeting Diallos And Searching For Lanya

Elden Ring Diallos: Meeting at Roundtable Hold
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Diallos Hoslow can be found from the start of the game at Roundtable Hold, standing beside the door to the balcony. Speak with him and he will tell you he is searching for his servant, Lanya. Seemingly she has wandered off and he asks that you let him know if you meet her in your travels.

To find Lanya, you need to head to Liurnia of the Lakes. Start from the Academy Gate Town site of grace and go north. You will find Diallos here on one of the ruined rooftops, standing near Lanya's body. Speak with Diallos to learn that Lanya was murdered by the Recusants, a group of Tarnished who hunt others of their own kind. Diallos swears revenge on the Recusants, once he learns where they are hiding.

You can return to Roundtable Hold to speak with Diallos further, and he will tell you he received an invitation from the Recusants to join them. He accepted if only to learn their location. They come from Volcano Manor, high up on Mt. Gelmir. That is where Diallos is headed next.

  • Completing Diallos' quest takes you most of the way to fighting Rykard. To learn how more about taking down this blasphemous lord, check out Elden Ring Rykard.

Elden Ring Diallos: Volcano Manor

Elden Ring Diallos: Meeting at Volcano Manor
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To reach Volcano Manor, you must first get to Altus Plateau. From the top of the Grand Lift of Rold, head north to reach Mt. Gelmir. Climb the mountain to find Volcano Manor near the top. You yourself must join the Recusants in order to gain access to the rest of the manor. Speak with Tanith and agree to join, she will give you the key to the drawing-room. Here you will find Diallos, stewing in the corner.

Speak with Diallos and you will learn he has had a change of heart. The Recusants have told him he can become a great champion if he follows their guidance, and he believes them. From here he will hang around the Manor and can be talked to while you go about your own quests. In order to complete Diallos' quest, you must complete the Recusants' requests. This involves taking orders from Tanith to go and kill other Tarnished.


These assassination missions are fights against NPCs and are not too difficult. They are also easy to find as they are marked on your map. The first target is Istvan, in the north of Limgrave beneath the bridge. Find the red summon sign there to begin the fight. After defeating Istvan, return to Volcano Manor for your next target, Rileigh. He can be found in the valley that leads to the Shaded Castle in the north of the Altus Plateau. Defeat him then return to Manor.

The last target is a bit of a step up. First of all, he is found in the Mountaintops of the Giants, so more main progress must be made to reach him. Secondly, this target is Juno Hoslow, the older brother of Diallos. If you have been speaking with Diallos regularly, you will notice he has unravelled a bit since coming to Volcano Manor. This, seemingly, is the moment he realises he has made an awful mistake. To continue, find Juno near the Shack of the Lofty and defeat him in battle. He is not an easy fight for melee fighters, as he fights with two whips that cause massive bleed damage. Fight him from a distance if you can. After this, you can return to Volcano Manor and Diallos will admit he has made a mistake, and leave.

  • A lot of the quests in Elden Ring intertwine, such as Jar Bairn and his uncle, Iron Fist Alexander. A big part of Alexander's story involves facing the Elden Ring Radahn boss fight alongside him.

Elden Ring Diallos: Jarburg

Elden Ring Diallos: Talking to Jar Bairn
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Before patch 1.03, after leaving Volcano Manor, Diallos would just return to the site where Lanya died and lament. Now, he has a further purpose. After all is said and done in Volcano Manor, head to Jarburg. If you haven't been, it is a small village in eastern Liurnia populated entirely by jars. It is just south of the Carian Study Hall, which is the first of the two towers jutting out from Liurnia's east coast. However, to access the village you cannot take the road as marked on the map. Instead, you need to make your way down the cliff above Jarburg, it has those giant gravestones that you can use as steps.

Once you reach Jarburg, you will find a small jar sitting on the steps outside one of the houses. His name is Jar Bairn, and you need to make friends with him. What happens next comes in several steps, so to simplify things we will put it this way. You need to repeatedly speak with Jar Bairn, and between each part of the quest you need to reload the area, so fast travel to the nearby site of grace. Speak to Jar Bairn, exhaust his dialogue, then travel to the site. He has many things to tell you, chief among them is he will ask if you will be their new Potentate. You can agree to this, but he will check your hands and tell you they aren't soft enough for the job. Seems the jars need someone with soft hands to look after them.

After several rounds of chat with Jar Bairn, he will tell you a new Potentate has arrived in the village. Head north through the village and you will find the new Potentate, Diallos Hoslow, in a ruined building on the right. He tells you that he is here to do something useful with himself, as he feels he is at least qualified to look after some jars. Continue speaking with him and Jar Bairn, and after a few visits, you will find Diallos lying in the middle of the village. Speak with Jar Bairn to learn that poachers came to kill the jars, but Diallos fought them off. Sadly, he was mortally injured and dies there.

To round out the story of Diallos Hoslow, return again to speak with Jar Bairn, and retrieve Diallos' weapon and mask from where he died.

There you have it, everything you need to do to see Elden Ring Diallos Hoslow's quest out to the end. Now that you have both of the Hoslow whips, why not max out your bleed damage with our Elden Ring Bandit build.


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