How to use the Makeshift Vault Key in Dragon's Dogma 2

How to use the Makeshift Vault Key in Dragon's Dogma 2
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28th Mar 2024 17:24

Have you found the Makeshift Vault Key in Dragon's Dogma 2, and you're not sure what to do with it? Dragon's Dogma 2 is not known for being clear or simple about anything, but thankfully this is one of the more straightforward mysteries in the game.

The Makeshift Vault Key will open the way to Vernworth Castle Vault, but getting to it is a different story. Here are the steps you need to follow to use the key and claim the treasure that is rightfully yours.

How to open the Vernworth Castle Vault

The vault is on the eastern side of the castle. To get to it, enter the castle grounds through the main gate, then head left into the Fountain Garden. From here, you can head inside into the kitchen or the dining room. Both exit onto a corridor, at the end of which is a stairway heading down. Go down the stairs to find the door to the vault.

The map of Vernworth Castle, with the patch to the vault marked in red
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Accessing the vault depends on several factors, largely determined by the time of day. Most times, when you approach it, there will be a guard at the door. On rarer occasions, there won't be. If you time it right, you can sneak in just as Disa is inspecting the vault each evening.

It seems that when there is a guard posted on the door, the vault isn't locked. Many players have found that if they manage to distract or remove the guard, they can just walk straight in. If that is the case for you, the simplest methods seem to be:

  • Antagonise the guard and get them to chase you away, then run back to the vault before they can return to their post
  • Or grab the guard and carry them away, before hurrying back to get inside

It seems that both methods are quite risky, with some players ending up in jail as a result. However, if you have the Makeshift Vault Key from the Ancient Battleground near the Sphinx, you are better off using it.

When I went to the vault, there was no guard on the door, but it was locked. With the key, I could freely enter and take all of the contents for myself. You might want to try visiting the vault at different times of the day in the hopes of finding it locked and unguarded.

What's inside the vault?

The Wyrmhunter's Cloak, acquired from the castle vault in Dragon's Dogma 2
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There are four chests in the vault that you can open. The items you get from these chests are:

  • Daughter of the Evening Shield
  • Wyrmhunter's Cloak
  • Decayed Medusa Head
  • Ring of Reassurance

You can also pick up 20,000 Gold while you're at it. Might as well, technically everything in here belongs to you anyway.

That is how to get into the Vernworth Castle Vault with the Makeshift Vault Key. For more useful tips, head to our Dragon's Dogma 2 homepage where we have guides on affinity & romance, Maister locations, farming Gold & XP, smithing styles, and fixing bridges.

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