Destiny 2 Solstice 2023 high-stat armour: Best rolls & how to get

Destiny 2 Solstice 2023 high-stat armour: Best rolls & how to get
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19th Jul 2023 15:39


The Destiny 2 Solstice 2023 event is a great way to gain high-stat armour. Destiny 2 has periodic events throughout the year, each bringing new modes and rewards to the game. Solstice is very popular due to the potentially powerful armour that can be acquired. Here is how to get high-stat armour in Destiny 2 Solstice 2023.

How to get Solstice armour in Destiny 2

Completing the Bonfire Bash and acquiring armour in Destiny 2 Solstice
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During the Solstice event, players can take part in the Bonfire Bash activity. This takes the players to the European Aerial Zone where they must defeat waves of enemies and build a bonfire. To begin, you must complete a short introductory quest from Eva Levante.

She will give you your first set of Solstice armour and set you on your way. From here, you can play Bonfire Bash to your heart's content. Each round you play you have a chance to drop both weapons and armour, including more Solstice armour.

For the purposes of getting high-stat armour, you will want to get as many armour pieces as you can. While you are able to upgrade the armour, the upgrade is a once-off, so a few tries might be warranted.

How to upgrade Solstice armour in Destiny 2

Upgrading Solstice armour in Destiny 2
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The unique aspect of Solstice armour is that, during the event, you can upgrade the stats of your armour pieces. This is done using Kindling from the Solstice event challenges, and Silver Ash, which you get by burning Silver Leaves in the Bonfire Bash.

You only need to gather the required Kindling once per armour type, meaning once you have fully upgraded one helmet you will not need to gather Kindling for any other helmet. You will still need the Silver Ash, so be sure to stock up.

So your first goal is to complete Solstice challenges to get the required Kindling, allowing you to freely upgrade any piece of armour. From here, you only need Silver Ash to upgrade new pieces of armour.

How to get high-stat Solstice armour in Destiny 2

Using Glowing Embers to upgrade armour with high stats in Destiny 2
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Once you are able to upgrade any armour you want, your next goal is to upgrade the right armour to reap the benefits. Random armour drops can have a stat value up to 68, so ideally you want to find armour that is in the 60s to begin with.

However, there is more to it. Your stat distribution is much more important than the overall number. Depending on your class, your build, or your preferences, you will want certain stats to be higher than others.

For example, a tanky build wants a high resilience stat, Hunters often benefit from high mobility, and melee builds lean towards high strength stats. There is no one correct answer for all players, so you should work out which stats you want to focus on ahead of time. If you have little preference and just want high-stat armour, you can never go wrong with plenty of resilience and discipline.

When upgrading a piece of armour, you can make sure that two of the six stats have the highest possible values. The upgrading process lets you choose one guaranteed high stat roll, and equipping the respective Ghost mod for the stat you want will guarantee a second high stat.

However, the six stats are divided into two groups, and each group of three shares a pool of stat points. The first pool is mobility, resilience, and recovery. The second pool is discipline, intellect, and strength. If you focus on two stats in the same group, they will share the points between them and you won't get a particularly high stat roll.

What you want to do is choose one stat from each pool, and focus on those. For example, focusing on mobility and strength will give you a piece of armour with up to 30 points in each stat. By doing this for each armour piece, you can maximise your stats in the areas that matter to you.

That is how you get high-stat Solstice armour in Destiny 2. For more, head to our Destiny 2 homepage, or check out our rundown of the Destiny 2 update 7.1.5 patch notes.

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