Destiny 2 Final Warning: What It Does & How To Get It

Destiny 2 Final Warning: What It Does & How To Get It
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1st Mar 2023 10:45

Destiny 2 Final Warning is one of the powerful new exotic weapons added with the Lightfall expansion. Destiny 2 character builds are never complete without an exotic to tie them all together. Final Warning is a Strand weapon, something that pairs very nicely with the brand-new subclass. Here is everything you need to know about Destiny 2 Final Warning.

Destiny 2 Final Warning: What It Does

Destiny 2 Final Warning: What it does
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As mentioned, Final Warning is an exotic sidearm. This brand-new Strand weapon is undoubtedly going to be an interesting one to get to grips with and figure out how it fits into the new subclasses.

the unique ability of the weapon is its charged tracking rounds. Using the weapon charges up a certain amount of tracking rounds. Holding reload will load in those tracking rounds, which can then be fired off like the Titanfall smart pistol.

These shots also cause the sever debuff to build up in enemies hit by it, allowing you to dish out a lot of crowd-controlling damage very quickly.

Destiny 2 Final Warning: How To Get It

Destiny 2 Final Warning: Firing the tracking rounds at some Vex
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The first thing you need to do is complete the Lightfall campaign. There are minor spoilers beyond this point, nothing too specific, but be warned before you read on.

After the campaign is completed and you have your Strand subclass unlocked, you will see the Final Warning exotic quest at the Pouka Pond. You will not be able to pick it up just yet though, as it requires you to unlock all fragments and aspects for the Strand subclass on one character first.

You need to go a gather plenty of the Strand materials which allow you to purchase fragments and aspects. Thankfully they drop from most activities in Neomuna and are in decent supply, so you shouldn't have much issue here.

Once you have your materials, return to the Pouka Pond to round out your subclass, and grab the exotic quest for Final Warning. Complete the quest, and the weapon is yours. 

That is it for our Destiny 2 Final Warning exotic machine gun guide. For more on the new exotics, check out our Destiny 2 Deterministic Chaos guide.

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