Destiny 2 Aphelion’s Rest: How to complete the Master/Legend Lost Sector

Destiny 2 Aphelion’s Rest: How to complete the Master/Legend Lost Sector
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29th Mar 2023 08:46

Destiny 2 Aphelion’s Rest is tucked away in a corner of the Dreaming City, and it is filled with Taken. Destiny 2 Lost Sectors are an important part of the cycle of the game. You need to complete Lost Sectors on Master or Legend difficulty in order to get much of the exotic armour in the game.

This is one of the easier ones to farm, and we have all the tips you need to complete the Destiny 2 Aphelion’s Rest Master/Legend Lost Sector.

Destiny 2 Aphelion’s Rest Lost Sector: Preparation

Destiny 2 Aphelion's Rest: Preparing for the lost sector
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As with all Lost Sectors, we have some extra aspects to contend with. Your weapons are locked in so be certain you have your loadout ready before going in. You only have Void shields to deal with, so you have some room to play around with your build.

As for champions, you have Unstoppable Taken Phalanx and Overload Taken Hobgoblins, so set up your perks for each of those. You will be taking extra Stasis damage, which isn't really a concern at all, and you will be dishing out extra damage with Strand and Solar weapons and abilities.

Further, the Overcharged Weapons modifier means your Kinetic weapons will do more damage. The Epitaph modifier is also active, which is a bit of an odd one. Basically, any time you kill a Taken enemy they will spawn one of those geyser things that send you flying.

Destiny 2 Aphelion’s Rest Lost Sector: Strategy

Destiny 2 Aphelion's Rest: Strategy for the lost sector
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Aphelion’s Rest is a nice, straightforward Lost Sector. You will first head down a long corridor with a large group of Taken Thrall at the end. Taken Thrall are all over this Lost Sector, so be sure to deal with them before they can reproduce and get out of hand. A good grenade throw should take care of this group, then head around the corner to the right.

Ahead you will see more regular Taken enemies, and an Unstoppable Phalanx. Use the corner you just came around for cover, and take out everything you can from a distance. The Phalanx can get closer and try to rush you so hit it with your Unstoppable Rounds to keep it back.

Once the champion is dead, move up to its position. The next path is to the left, sloping upwards with a ledge to the right. There will be plenty more enemies on ground level, as well as an Overload Hobgoblin on the ledge above. Deal with the rank and file first, using the rocks for cover. Once they are finished, you can take on the Hobgoblin above. Use your Overload Rounds to stun it and hit it with your heavy weapon to take it down.

Move forward and we are into the boss room. There are a few Taken Psions to deal with, then move up to the right. The back of the arena is an elevated area where a lot of enemies spawn in. There is a spot on the right where you can approach this area while using a large rock for cover.

Do so, and you will have three shielded Taken Acolytes beside another Overload Hobgoblin. While they are bunched up, hit the Acolytes with a Void weapon to break their shields and cause a cascade of explosions. This should put a dent in the champion, so finish it off when the Acolytes are done.

After this, the boss will appear alongside plenty more regular enemies. Back off and get behind cover, then if you are quick you can lay into this group just as they appear. Dispense with the smaller Taken then focus your fire on the giant Taken Knight boss. A good damaging super is advised here, along with plenty of heavy weapons fire. Burn it down, and Aphelion’s Rest is completed.

That is everything you need to know to complete the Destiny 2 Aphelion's Rest Lost Sector on Legend or Master difficulty. For more on the game, check out our Destiny 2 Root of Nightmares walkthrough.

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