Dark-type Pokemon weaknesses, resistances & best counters

Dark-type Pokemon weaknesses, resistances & best counters
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Dark-type Pokemon are cool, calm, and collected, which is exactly how you'll feel in battle once you know their weaknesses and the best counters to defeat them in no time at all.

Just like the creepy Ghost-types, it's not always easy to figure out what Dark-type Pokemon are weak against or resistant to. Whether you're facing off against a shifty Zoroark or a foreboding Absol, here's everything you need to know to beat them.

Dark-type Pokemon weaknesses

Dark-type Pokemon are typically weak to Bug-type, Fairy-type, and Fighting-type attacks.

Having said that, it's important to remember that dual-type Pokemon don't always have the weaknesses you expect them to have. For example, the Ghost/Dark-type Sableye is only vulnerable to Fairy-type attacks.

Dark-type Pokemon resistances

Dark-type Pokemon are usually resistant to Dark-type and Ghost-type attacks

They are also immune to Psychic-type attacks, so there's no point trying to use those as they won't do any damage whatsoever.

Darkrai in Pokemon GO
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What are Dark-types super effective against?

Dark-type Pokemon with Dark-type attacks will be super effective against Ghost-type and Psychic-type Pokemon.

The exception to this rule would be if your opponent's Pokemon has a secondary typing that cancels out this weakness, such as the Psychic/Fairy-type Gardevoir which takes normal damage from Dark-type attacks.

What are Dark-types not effective against?

Dark-type Pokemon with Dark-type attacks are not very effective against Dark-type, Fairy-type, and Fighting-type Pokemon. They can still deal a little bit of damage, but it won't be a lot.

Best counters to defeat Dark-type Pokemon

Some of the top counters you can use to defeat Dark-type Pokemon are Gardevoir, Sylveon, Pheromosa, Lucario, Volcarona, and Terrakion. Remember they'll need to have movesets that target your Dark-type opponent's weaknesses to be truly effective.

As always, the best counter to use will vary depending on the specific Pokemon you're fighting, which is especially true if they have a dual typing. For the most part, though, using a Bug-type, Fairy-type, or Fighting-type counter is a good idea.

That's everything you need to know about Dark-type Pokemon! Check out our roundup of all the events taking place this month as well as the upcoming Raid Boss schedule and the Spotlight Hour schedule.

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