Cyberpunk 2077 Delamain: Epistrophy And Don't Lose Your Mind Side Jobs

Cyberpunk 2077 Delamain: Epistrophy And Don't Lose Your Mind Side Jobs
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Cyberpunk 2077 Delamain is an unusual AI character with an interesting side job attached. Cyberpunk 2077 has plenty of strange occurrences for V to get wrapped up in, few are stranger than this one. Delamain is an AI taxi service, but he is beginning to have some issues and requires V's help. Here is how to complete Epistrophy and Don't Lose Your Mind for Cyberpunk 2077 Delamain.

Cyberpunk 2077 Delamain: How To Begin The Side Job

Delamain crashing into V's car in the garage
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Your relationship with Delamain begins in Act Two. After the main mission called The Heist, when you leave your apartment and get into your car in the garage, another car will plow into you and destroy your car. That car was one of Delamain's, who will contact you about reimbursement and ask you to come to the Delamain office. Go and speak with Delamain, and agree to speak with him elsewhere.

Follow the drone through the building to the control room, and speak with Delamain. He will tell you about his cars and how some of them have gone off the rails, and that he needs your help getting them back. Agree to help, then take the scanner from the box. Leave the facility to begin hunting down the rogue cabs.

Cyberpunk 2077 Delamain: Epistrophy

Chasing down one of Delamain's rogue cars
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Now you can begin the Epistrophy side job. This is divided into seven parts, as there are seven cars to find. Each one is marked on your map, and you can track the job in order to find them easily. Each of the cars has a different part of Delamain's personality, so each one needs to be approached differently.

For example, the car in North Oak is found driving around a roundabout, over and over. Speak with it to learn it is sad and very sensitive. You can talk it into cooperating, at which point you must get in and manually drive it back to Delamain HQ. You need to go easy though, no driving fast or crashing or the car will need to stop to calm down. Conversely, the car in Wellsprings is extremely aggressive, and is in fact the same one that intentionally smashed your car earlier. This one needs to be damaged in order to stop it, so ram it with your vehicle or shoot it enough to stop it.

In general, just heading to the location marked on the map will be enough to find and complete these jobs. Most of the cars either need to be talked to, physically stopped, or just followed until they stop on their own. Some are a bit more unusual, such as the one in Santo Domingo which is driving on people's gardens and destroying their lawn flamingos. To stop that one, you have to smash more flamingos than it does.

The one in Pacifica is particularly deadly, as you need to follow it until it leads you into an ambush. Deal with the attackers and talk to the car to get it to go back. Finally, the car up in Watson is a bit tricky as the exact location isn't given to you. Follow the map marker to the area in Watson where it was last seen, and you should see a huge factory building in that area with orange trim around the corners. The car can be found in a small garage/storage area at the north corner of the building. Follow the car until it stops to complete this part of the job.

Once you have found and returned all seven cars, Delamain will call and ask that you meet him at his office. Talk to him and return the scanner to complete the job.


Cyberpunk 2077 Delamain: Don't Lose Your Mind

Entering Delamain's HQ
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After some time, you will get a distressing call from Delamain. To find out what has gone wrong, head back over the Delamain HQ. You cannot enter through the main doors, as they are malfunctioning. Instead, go to the right of the building. If you have the technical skill you can open the side door, but if not you can climb up to the roof and enter through there. In the next room, there is a terminal you can interact with. The code is nearby, and it is 1234. Use it to log into the terminal and open the doors. Make your way further into the facility, using computers to open any locked doors.

Soon you will enter the garage, and this is where things hit the proverbial fan. There are massive electrical currents everywhere making the room impossible to cross, the machinery is going haywire, and the drones are now hostile. Take out any drones that attack you, then take the door to your immediate left. In this vehicle bay, use the car that is going up and down on the lift to climb up to the catwalk, and head through the window back into the main garage. Jump down onto the stairs, then take the catwalk across to the other side.

In the small room there, you will find a way to drop down. Go down, then down again into the pit under the garage. Use this to cross to the other side of the room again, climb up through the grating and use the ladder to get back up to the catwalk. All the while, dealing with any drones in your way. Follow the catwalk to the end of the garage, if you have the strength you can bust through the door.

If not, jump up to the right and cross the garage again, this time entering a hangar bay. Inside there will be some drones, and several Delamain cars driving around and smashing into each other. Avoid them as you make your way across the room, up the stairs, then climb up over the office and through the shaft, before dropping down into the control room.

Cyberpunk 2077 Delamain: Mend, Merge, Or Emancipate

Speaking to Johnny about what to do with Delamain
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Once you enter Delamain's core room, you will have three choices. Johnny will stop you to tell you not to reset Delamain, that the new versions of him are sentient and resetting him will kill them. It's up to you how much you believe that, but it is true that they will be destroyed. If you do go ahead with the reset, Delamain is rebooted. Everything goes back to how it was, but Delamain has no real memory of you. He knows you through the records of what has happened, but the Delamain you have gotten to know is gone. As you leave the building, Delamain will award you with one of his cars for your efforts.

The second option is to merge Delamain with the fractures of his AI. You need to have an Intelligence stat of at least ten in order to do this. Merging Delamain's personalities will have him evolve into something new, and he will break free of his constraints. He will leave Night City, but he will also leave you a gift, his first born son who will stay with you until your dying day. Again, it comes in the form of one of his cars. As you leave the building, Delamain Junior will contact you and ask you to get into the car in which he now resides.

Finally, you can destroy the core to free the fractures of Delamain. Doing so will allow each of the cars from before to leave, free to go wherever they choose. Delamain as you knew him is gone, broken into various pieces. As you go to leave, you will see the cars speeding out of the garage, excited about their new lives. As you make your way down into the garage, there is one car still waiting. Get in to speak with this newly formed piece of Delamain. The original Delamain is gone for good, but he lives on through his children, and this one he created to help you. This particular child, who takes on the name Excelsior, is yours to keep.

That is it for the Cyberpunk 2077 Delamain side jobs. For more on the game, check out our guide to the Cyberpunk 2077 Beat On The Brat side job.

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