Where To Find The Broken Pieces Cogs

Where To Find The Broken Pieces Cogs
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Harry Boulton


8th Sep 2022 15:00

You can get quite easily stuck looking for the Broken Pieces cogs that you'll need to open up the gate to the Assumption Church. Like most puzzles in Broken Pieces, you'll need to think a bit outside of the box and use some of the unique mechanics in order to get your hands on the two cogs. So, to find out how to get the Broken Pieces cogs and open up the gate on the beach, make sure to carry on reading.

Broken Pieces Cog Location #1

Broken Pieces Cogs location 1
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The first Broken Pieces cog that you will pick up is a fairly easy one, and can be found sitting on a set of barrels by a petrol pump just before you reach the restaurant at the beach. 

Broken Pieces Cogs lever
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You will also need to head all the way down to the restaurant in order to grab the lever and circuit breaker at the power box underneath the big red crane, as you'll need this to access the second cog.

Broken Pieces Cog Location #2

Broken Pieces Cogs location 2
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There are two reasons why you'll need to get the lever and the circuit breaker by the first Broken Pieces cog. Firstly, you'll need the lever to activate the bridge near the stairs at the start of the beach area, but you will also need the ability to change the weather, which you receive by taking out the circuit breaker.


To gain full access to this ability, you must go back to the house, find your winter clothes, and sleep until the next day. Once you've done that though, you'll want to head back to the beach and activate the bridge.

Once you've gone across the bridge, there should be an alleyway for you to go down to the left, which will take you to a fence where you can see the second cog sitting behind it. There is a door here, but it is locked so you'll need to find another way around. 

You'll want to first use the fountain that is just before this alley to turn the weather to winter, and then you'll want to continue past the alley until you reach a ramp that leads down to the sea bed. 

Broken Pieces Cogs pathway
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Ahead of you will be the gate that requires the two cogs, and you can insert the cog that you already picked up here now, but you'll want to head around the right, back towards where you came. You should get to a right-hand turn just past some tall wooden poles that takes you underneath where the bridge was, and you'll want to head down here.

Broken Pieces Cogs ladder
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At the end of this passage there should be a T-junction, and you'll want to turn left to which you will be greeted by a ladder. Head up the ladder and the second cog will be sitting right there for you to pick up.

So, that's how to get both of the Broken Pieces cogs, which can be quite an ordeal to find if you don't know where to go. If that's a bit further into the game than you might be, however, check out this guide for the answer to the Broken Pieces Franck keycode puzzle.

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