6 best games like Final Fantasy 7 to play once you finish Rebirth, from Elden Ring to Persona 3 Reload

6 best games like Final Fantasy 7 to play once you finish Rebirth, from Elden Ring to Persona 3 Reload
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Jack Roberts

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5th Apr 2024 11:25


With Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth here, you may be looking for something similar to play after it that will whet your appetite until the final instalment of the game - so we've compiled a list of the best games that fit nicely.

Whether you're looking for vast open worlds, turn-based combat, or a cast of memorable characters that make up your unique battle-ready teams, these games have it all and offer some of the best experiences since the legendary Final Fantasy 7.

How we chose our best games like Final Fantasy 7

For this list, we’ve taken into account what makes Final Fantasy 7 so poignant, from sprawling open worlds to team combat, and picked out some of the best contemporary titles that we believe fit the bill.

Among the games you'll find here are remakes of classic titles, traditional JRPGs that have likely been influenced by the Final Fantasy series, and contemporary masterpieces that can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Final Fantasy 7's legendary influence.

Great games like Final Fantasy 7

6 - Scarlet Nexus 

Scarlet Nexus
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Scarlet Nexus details & key features:

  • Platforms: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC
  • Release date: 2021
  • Key features
    • Enjoyable set of powers 
    • Fast-paced combat 
    • Fun cast of characters with compelling interactions

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth has a quirky cast of characters operating through a world different from our own, somehow blending fantasy and sci-fi elements with a narrative that can only be described as grand. Scarlet Nexus ticks all those boxes too, but also boasts a much more dynamic action-style combat and a gorgeous art style to boot.

5 - Elden Ring

A Sephiroth character created in Elden Ring
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Image via FromSoftware

Elden Ring details & key features:

  • Platforms: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC
  • Release date: 2022
  • Key features 
    • Beguiling story
    • Impressive character creation and build potential
    • Vast open-world

You might be thinking that Elden Ring isn’t the most obvious comparison to make with Final Fantasy but hear me out. As you traverse The Lands Between, you’re thrown into a huge open world that is ready for learning.

Every aspect of the environment and the characters within tell a beguiling story and, if I do say so myself, Elden Ring stands alongside Final Fantasy 7 in the upper echelons of the greatest games of all time.

I’ve no doubt that people will be starting new characters now in preparation for the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC, and, if you’re anything like me above, you might even want to try to see if Sephiroth can take on Malenia with a unique cosplay build.

4 - Granblue Fantasy: Relink

Key art for Granblue Fantasy: Relink
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Image via Cygames

Granblue Fantasy: Relink details & key features:

  • Platforms: PS4, PS5, PC
  • Release date: 2024
  • Key features:
    • Gorgeous visuals
    • Interesting characters
    • Long-awaited title

After initially being slated for release in 2018, Granblue Fantasy: Relink was a long time coming, with it finally releasing in 2024. What was once a collaboration between Cygames and Platinum Games eventually became solely the former's and allowed them to flex their fantasy muscles.

With a gorgeous fantastical setting, intense ARPG combat and a unique team of characters that the player can control as they take on a myriad of beasts, this - along with Persona 3: Reload - is an RPG that you won't want to miss this year.

3 - Persona 3 Reload

Key art for Persona 3: Reload
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Image via Atlus

Persona 3 Reload details & key features:

  • Platforms: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC
  • Release date: 2024
  • Key features:
    • A remake of a fan-favourite title
    • Enhanced visuals and stunning menus
    • Turn-based combat

If you’re on the hunt for another RPG spanning a huge amount of hours, then Persona 3 Reload may just be for you. It’s no secret that Persona 5 sent the series stratospheric, however, fans of the series had been clamouring for a remake of the third instalment for quite some time.

With stylish menus, turn-based combat and a focus on working with and building a rapport with your team to forge integral links, Final Fantasy's influence can be felt heavily here, as both series continue to evolve.

2 - Octopath Traveler II

Key art for Octopath Traveler II
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Image via Square Enix

Octopath Traveler II details & key features:

  • Platforms: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC, Nintendo Switch
  • Release date: 2023
  • Key features:
    • Eight unique stories
    • Mix of pixel art and 2.5D graphics
    • Turn-based combat

How do you follow up on an already fantastic game? Quite simply, you continue with the winning formula. With eight new stories to take on, Octopath Traveler II throws players back into its gorgeous worlds, with traditional turn-based combat and an assortment of whimsical characters that make up your merry band.

Octopath Traveler II boasts a gorgeous 2.5D world where the pixel-sprites can run around in, with beautiful lighting and stunning vistas to explore. Each of the eight stories brings new ways to play, combat encounters, and intriguing narratives that ultimately converge into one epic story.

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What is the best game like Final Fantasy 7?

1 - Final Fantasy XV

Noctis and the team driving in Final Fantasy XV
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Image via Square Enix

Final Fantasy XV details & key features:

  • Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC
  • Release date: 2016
  • Key features:
    • Action RPG combat
    • Fun and heart-warming cast of characters
    • Massive world ready to explore

Final Fantasy XV is a game simply about guys being dudes and embarking on the road trip of a lifetime as they endeavour to save the world. While you may have been thinking that Final Fantasy XVI would appear on this list, (and why wouldn’t you, it’s a great game) FFXV thematically feels a lot closer to Final Fantasy VII Remake, from the more futuristic setting to the focus on team combat as opposed to just a single character.

Despite receiving something of a mixed reception upon release, it’s undergoing something of a retrospective renaissance now that a few years of passed and some significant DLCs have been added to it. So once you’ve spent plenty of time with Cloud and the gang, fire up the engines and go for a spin with Noctis and the lads.

Those are our picks for some of the best games like Final Fantasy 7 that you should be playing after Rebirth. If you’re on the hunt for even more guides, be sure to check out our Final Fantasy homepage, where you can find all the trophies for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, and if the game is open world.

Jack is a Guides Writer at GGRecon. With a BA (Hons) & MA in English and Creative Writing, he was also the Gaming Editor for The Indiependent. When not pondering which game has the best cup of coffee (and drinking far too much of it himself), he can often be found playing Dead by Daylight, Street Fighter or making yet another build in Bloodborne.

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