Bayonetta 3: Release Date, Trailers, Gameplay, And More

Bayonetta 3: Release Date, Trailers, Gameplay, And More
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13th Jul 2022 14:15

The Bayonetta 3 release date is on the horizon as the long-anticipated game approaches ever quickly. Fans of the series have waited over seven years since the release of Bayonetta 2 on the Nintendo Wii U in 2014, and another four years since Bayonetta 3 was first announced. As the release of the game finally inches closer, here’s everything players need to know about the Bayonetta 3 release date, trailers, gameplay, and more. 

Bayonetta 3 Release Date

Bayonetta strikes a pose in Bayonetta 3, which has a 2022 release date.
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Although Bayonetta 3 was first announced in December of 2017, fans did not receive any hard information about the game until a Nintendo Direct in September of 2021. In addition to providing a first look at Bayonetta 3’s gameplay and new mechanics, the trailer from the Nintendo Direct provided a launch window for the game. 

Thankfully, we now have the official Bayonetta release date which is October 28, 2022. This makes it comfortably within the 2022 time frame that many were scared it would slip beyond.

Bayonetta 3 Trailers

The first was a teaser trailer that announced the game’s existence at The Game Awards 2017. In the trailer, Bayonetta sports her look from the first Bayonetta title as she shoots bullets at a fiery and nearly figureless enemy. The trailer ends with Bayonetta crumpling to the ground as she drops her signature Scarborough Fair guns.

In 2021, the first official gameplay trailer provided viewers with a closer look at what Bayonetta 3 has to offer. The trailer begins with a group of military men unsuccessfully fighting against a giant monster that appears to be ravaging a dystopian version of Tokyo. This monster then duplicates itself or summons an identical monster to attack the military men from the front and from behind.

Afterward, Bayonetta arrives to fight the monster. Unlike in the teaser trailer, Bayonetta has a brand new look as she now sports pigtails that resemble those of Cereza, a younger version of herself from the first game in the series. From there, the trailer transitions into gameplay footage, showing off a range of new and returning mechanics that will prominently feature in Bayonetta 3.

Finally, the release date trailer was dropped on July 13th, showcasing Bayonetta in all her glory along with another character that many have been speculating about. Watch the trailer for yourself above to get all the juicy details.

Bayonetta 3 Gameplay

Unsurprisingly, multiple mechanics from the previous two Bayonetta games will return for Bayonetta 3. The gameplay trailer showcases a familiar combat system, with Bayonetta using her guns to attack from afar before stringing multiple hits together to combo opponents with her close quarters combat skills. In addition, Bayonetta will once again be able to attack using abilities like Witch Time, Torture Attacks, and Wicked Weaves.


So far, there are two new mechanics that seem like they will add the most depth and difference to the Bayonetta 3 combat system in comparison to previous entries in the series. With Demon Masquerade and Demon Slave, players will be to open up new combat options that have never been seen in the series before.

Upon using the Demon Masquerade ability, Bayonetta directly channels the power of demons. When she uses this ability in the trailer, she takes on a form similar to that of Madama Butterfly before delivering a powerful blow to the enemy she is facing.

Her other new ability, Demon Slave, gives Bayonetta greater control of her demonic summons than she had in previous Bayonetta games. Now, the Infernal Demons do not merely disappear after landing a finishing blow. Instead, Bayonetta is able to maintain direct control of them and use them to fight against giant enemies.

Thus far, three returning Infernal Demons have been confirmed to appear in Bayonetta 3 thanks to the gameplay trailer. We know that Bayonetta can fight using the reptilian Gomorrah, the avian Malphas, and the spider-like Phantasmaraneae using this new Demon Slave mechanic. 

Bayonetta 3 Story

This mysterious character from the end of the trailer will have their identity revealed on the Bayonetta 3 release date.
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There is still much mystery surrounding the plot details of Bayonetta 3. Nintendo’s official listing for the game raises the question of whether Bayonetta’s enemies are angelic, demonic, or “something else entirely,” casting doubt on whether Bayonetta herself should be perceived as heroic or villainous. 

In addition, it was initially unclear who the light-haired, sword-wielding character at the end of the gameplay trailer was, or what the significance of the blood-red moon. Thankfully, we now know that this is Viola, who appears to potentially be another playable character in Bayonetta 3

Bayonetta 3 Platforms

The Bayonetta 3 release date will the see game launch exclusively on Nintendo Switch.
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The very first Bayonetta game was released on the Sony PlayStation 3 and the Microsoft Xbox 360 in 2009. Conversely, Bayonetta 2 launched solely on the Nintendo Wii U before both Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 made their way to the Nintendo Switch in 2018.

Like its most recent predecessor, Bayonetta 3 will be a Nintendo console exclusive. As a result, fans of the series will have to purchase PlatinumGames’ upcoming title on the Switch once the Bayonetta 3 release date rolls around later this year.

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