When does Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora take place?

When does Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora take place?
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7th Dec 2023 11:11

If you're thinking of playing Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, you might be curious to know when the game takes place in the overall Avatar universe.

I've played the game and I've got the answers for you below! Keep reading to find out when Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora takes place, and how it relates to the film's timeline.

When does Frontiers of Pandora take place?

Frontiers of Pandora takes place around the years 2169 or 2170. However, the game's intro starts much earlier than that.

Your character is put in Cryosleep for 15 years at the start of the game following an attack by the RDA. That means the intro section takes place in 2154, the same time as the Battle of the Hallelujah Mountains in the first Avatar movie.

Even before that, we see a couple of scenes with your character as a young child, meaning the game technically starts even earlier than that. But as far as we know the main game takes place in roughly 2169.

Is Frontiers of Pandora canon?

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Yes, Frontiers of Pandora is canon. Everything in the game, from the locations to the creatures, is canon in the Avatar universe.

The game takes place around the same time as the events of Avatar: The Way of Water. We don't get many references to the film in the game, but the timeline matches up.

It's even possible that some elements of the game, like the tribes, animals or environments, could be used for future Avatar films. This isn't confirmed to be happening, but the game's creative director said that there's "already some talk about maybe using some of the stuff we did in the upcoming movies".

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