All Anime Defense Simulator codes for free Wheel Spins & Cursed Fingers

All Anime Defense Simulator codes for free Wheel Spins & Cursed Fingers
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Jake Bannister & Morgan Truder

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16th Nov 2023 13:22

Anime Defense Simulator codes are your key to unlocking amazing advantages for your Roblox adventures. This wildly popular game, inspired by anime, relies on defending your tower against the swarms of oncoming enemies. 

The game has plenty of different rewards on offer, so let's dive in below to what you can earn to enhance your game.

Active codes in Anime Defense Simulator

Below, you will find all of the codes and rewards you can earn in Anime Defense Simulator:

Code Reward
3 Wheel Spins
MEDTW! 2 Cursed Fingers
TITANUPD! 3 Cursed Fingers
18KLIKES! 3 Cursed Fingers
7sinsupd! 3 Cursed Fingers
ghoulupdate! 3 Cursed Fingers
SLIMEUPD!  3 Wheel Spins
 MINIUPDTSAO 2 Wheel Spins

The rewards range from cursed fingers to Wheel Spins, but should go a long way to helping you improve your tower. We will keep this section updated regularly, so make sure to check back in as more rewards are released. 

How to redeem codes

How to Redeem Codes in Anime Defense Simulator
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It isn't always straightforward redeeming codes in Roblox games, for this reason, we have outlined below the steps you need to take:

  • Once in the game, click the Twitter icon on the left-hand side of the screen
  • A text box will appear 
  • Enter one of the codes above
  • Hit 'Redeem'

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