How to earn Ladder Points in Apex Legends

How to earn Ladder Points in Apex Legends
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12th May 2023 15:50

Are you curious to know how Ladder Points are distributed in Apex Legends? Ladder Points (LP) replace Ranked Points (RP) in the new Ranked Mode scoring system introduced in Apex Legends Season 17. Keep reading to learn more about Ladder Points and how to earn Ladder Points in Apex Legends.

What are Ladder Points in Apex Legends?

Ladder Points is the new scoring system used to showcase skill in Apex Legends Ranked Mode. The Ladder Points scoring system is more complex than the now-retired Ranked Points scoring system, but the change should result in more consistent and competitive matches of Apex across the board.

How to earn Ladder Points in Apex Legends

Coming from Ranked Points, the process of earning Ladder Points in Apex Legends can be a bit confusding.
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You earn Ladder Points by placing well in Ranked Mode matches. The better you place, the more Ladder Points you get!

Below is a breakdown of how Ladder Points are awarded for placement:

Placement 14+ 13,12,11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
LP -35 -25 20 25 40 60 80 100 125 150 175 200

No matter your division or tier, it costs 35 LP to enter a Ranked Mode match.

Apex Legends Ladder Points: Bonuses

Bonuses are critical to earning masses of Ladder Points in Apex Legends.
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What separates Ladder Points from the Ranked Points of old are bonuses. As of Apex Legends Season 17: Arsenal, Ranked Mode features three different groups of bonuses tied to your placement results and how challenging your hidden Matchmaking Rating (MMR) determines a particular match to be. To qualify for bonuses, you must place between 1st-10th.

Below are the Ladder Point bonuses you can bank:

  • Elimination Bonuses: Awarded for eliminating enemy players. This bonus takes into account your personal kills, assists, and participation.
  • Rating Bonuses: If your hidden MMR is far higher than your Ladder Points, you will receive a Rating Bonus to help better align the two ratings.

  • Skill Bonuses: Unfortunately, Ranked Mode matches aren't always balanced. If your squad defeats stronger opponents or performs unexpectedly well in a disadvantageous match, you will receive a Skill Bonus.

Placing highly is necessary to earning Ladder Points, but if you can qualify for bonuses too, you'll fly up the ranks!

So, that's a basic summary of Ladder Points in Apex Legends. Complete your Provisional Matches to start earring Ladder Points and begin your journey to becoming an Apex Legends Predator.

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