How to craft Ally Banners in Apex Legends

How to craft Ally Banners in Apex Legends
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Coleman Hamstead


16th Feb 2023 14:49

Are you interested in learning how to craft Ally Banners in Apex Legends? As of Season 16, there's a brand-new way to bring your friends back to life in Apex Legends. With that, let's review how to craft Ally Banners in Apex Legends.

What legends can craft Ally Banners in Apex Legends?

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Before we dive into how to craft Ally Banners, it's important to understand that only a select few Legends can actually craft Ally Banners.

Apex Legends Season 16 introduced Apex Legends Remastered Classes. Every Legend Class now has its own gameplay perk(s) that alter the way that Class of Legends operate in the Apex Games. For example, Assault Legends can carry extra ammunition and access the Secret Compartment of Weapon Supply Bins, while Controller Legends can use Ring Consoles to find the next Ring Location.

Well, along with the ability to access Blue Bins, Support Legends can craft Ally Banners and get their squad back in the action in a way that's never been possible prior to Revelry.

The Support Legends that can craft Ally Banners include:

How to craft Ally Banners in Apex Legends

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Support Legends can visit any Crafting Station to craft Ally Banners - whether the Banners have previously expired or not. It costs 30 Crafting Materials to craft all expired squadmate banners. A crafted Banner will carry all recoverable teammates.

Once crafting is complete, you can grab the Ally Banner from the Crafter. To completely bring your teammates back, you still need to take a trip to a Respawn Beacon.

Reviving your fallen comrades in Apex Legends has never been easier! Select a Support Legend, gather some Crafting Materials, and you can craft Ally Banners at any Replicator.

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