All Foamstars release times for all timezones

All Foamstars release times for all timezones
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Joshua Boyles


5th Feb 2024 16:38

If you're excited about the chance to play Foamstars during its February 6 release date, you'll be looking to find out the exact release time so you can jump in as part of the first wave of players. 

Foamstars takes the multiplayer party shooter mechanics of Splatoon and swaps paint with foam. As you cover the map in the substance, you can create slides to surf around, vantage points to snipe enemies, and cover to escape the chaos of battle. 

Check out our coverage of the game below, where we explain the release times in most major timezones.

All Foamstars release times

The Foamstars release time has been confirmed on the game's PlayStation store page, with it set to launch at 5 pm GMT on February 6. Check out the table below to find out what that means for your timezone.

Timezone Release Time
GMT 5 pm
CET 6 pm
PT 9 am
ET 12 pm
AET 4 am
NZST 5 am
BRT 2 pm

There doesn't appear to be any preload for the game, and considering it will release tomorrow as of writing this, we expect you won't be able to begin the download until it officially launches.

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Check out our Foamstars homepage for more guides. We’ve also covered whether it's on PlayStation Plus, and how to unlock all the trophies.

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