All Alan Wake 2 Mayor Setter slogan locations for The Nice Things in Life trophy

All Alan Wake 2 Mayor Setter slogan locations for The Nice Things in Life trophy
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6th Nov 2023 17:28

You may be on the lookout for the Mayor Setter campaign slogans in Alan Wake 2 to get your hands on The Nice Things in Life trophy – so we’re here to bring you all of their locations.

The Nice Things in Life trophy is one of several trophies and achievements in the game that you can collect. So, read on for all the Mayor Setter campaign slogan locations and where you can eventually find Mayor Setter in Alan Wake 2 to pet him (yes, you read that right).

Where to find all the Mayor Setter slogans in Alan Wake 2

Saga Anderson stares at a Mayor Setter campaign table in Alan Wake 2
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There are 6 Mayor Setter campaign slogans to find in Alan Wake 2 divided between the towns of Bright Falls and Watery during Saga Anderson's sections. You can check out our table below for the exact locations:



Mayor Setter Won’t Roll Over on the Issues

Bright Falls – Behind the Elderwood Palace Lodge

Setter is Better

Bright Falls – Across the street from the Oh Deer Diner

Vote Mayor Setter to Sit in Office

Bright Falls – Outside the Wellness Centre

Mayor Setter with Stand Up for Justice

Watery – Outside Suomi Hall

When you ask, Mayor Setter will Speak

Watery – Coffee World near the Percolator and Mr. Drippy statue (close to Huotari Well)

Mayor Setter is Not Afraid of the Rough Questions

Watery – Outside Watery Lighthouse Trailer Park

The slogans will be set up on signs next to a campaign desk with buttons, pens and everything else you would find on a campaign trail.

Where to find and pet Mayor Setter in Alan Wake 2

Mayor Setter, a large grey dog, sits waiting patiently for Saga Anderson to pet him in Alan Wake 2
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Once you have found all of the Mayor Setter campaign slogans in Alan Wake 2, you need to head over to the Suomi Hall in Watery (where the janitor was singing early on). Remember to do this before the point of no return in Saga's chapters so that you don't miss it.

There, you will finally be able to meet Mayor Setter… a large grey dog and the absolute best boy. To answer your next question, yes, you can pet him. In fact, you should, as it is how to get The Nice Things in Life trophy.

I don’t know about you, but I for one think Mayor Setter should run for PM. He gets my vote.

That’s everything you need to know about finding all the Mayor Setter campaign slogans in Alan Wake 2 and eventually getting the opportunity to pet the dog himself. Why not check out our guide on how to beat Nightingale in Alan Wake 2, since he’s a particularly tricky boss to deal with?

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