Zombies fans furious after MW3 Season 2 update

Zombies fans furious after MW3 Season 2 update
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Tom Chapman


2nd Feb 2024 14:44

Why does Activision continue to sleep on the success of the Zombies series? It's becoming increasingly clear that Zombies is one of the best-loved additions to the Call of Duty franchise, and yet, those at the top continue to try and bury it like the undead munchers within.

With no sign of Zombie Chronicles 2, Treyarch's supposed Zombies standalone never being proved as more than just a rumour, and round-based zombies diluted by a DMZ-inspired mode in Modern Warfare 3, Zombies fans are starving right now. Sadly, MW3's Season 2 update has picked the carcass clean.

Zombies fans say "Activision don't give a sh*t about us"

Sledgehammer has unveiled a beefy roadmap that includes four new 6v6 maps, a new War map, modes like Snipers Only, a Ninja Vest perk, and all-new rewards for Ranked. There is some Zombies content in the form of Hordepoint's long-awaited return and a crossover with The Walking Dead, but is it enough? Clearly not.

Over on the CoD Zombies subreddit, u/SuperAC1andOnly said, "Activision don’t give a sh*t about us," venting their frustrations. They weren't alone in their rage, with others soon chiming in. One equally disgruntled gamer added, "Imagine doing a walking dead collaboration and adding nothing of any significance to zombies. What a joke as usual."

Another put The Walking Dead in their crosshairs and moaned, "Could’ve added Negan as the new warlord with a fake savior compound & Lucille as a weapon blueprint." A third concluded, "Lmao all those people who had hope. I feel for y’all but I don’t expect anything good zombies related unless it’s a Treyarch based game."

The Walking Dead problem 

Rick Grimes Call of Duty The Walking Dead
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Image via Activision

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It's true that for a season that's hyped itself on a crossover with The Walking Dead, you might expect a little more of a Zombies experience. We've now had two crossovers with Amazon's The Boys, and while a lot of effort clearly went into introducing those divisive Supe powers, the crossover with The Walking Dead is doing the bare minimum

We're not saying you need new maps based on Alexandria and The Sanctuary, but in terms of crossover potential - and considering how much you love Call of Duty Zombies - there's a feeling that more could be done. Instead, Activision is accused of its usual greed, putting generic skins in the shop.

Rick and Michonne are two figureheads of The Walking Dead world and are set to return in the upcoming The Ones Who Live TV series, but for many, this feels like a cheap cash-in and just another thinly-veiled excuse for us to spend our hard-earned CoD points. 

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