MW3 confirms ‘Hordepoint’ return for the first time since 2018

MW3 confirms ‘Hordepoint’ return for the first time since 2018
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1st Feb 2024 10:55

For the first time in years, multiplayer Call of Duty games are getting one over on Warzone. The developers are finally weighing a lot of the live-service features towards the core annual releases in 2023 rather than the battle royale.

With Modern Warfare 3 alive and thriving, Sledgehammer Games is ramping up the content even further in Season 2, as the devs have announced a massive influx of maps will come to the respective playlists (Core, War, and Ground War), alongside new weapons and new game modes.

But as the community gets ready to aim down sights in Season 2, it turns out there's a gnawing sensation on our ankles, as zombies are infiltrating multiplayer with a wild game mode making a return from 2018.

Modern Warfare 3 is adding Hordepoint in Season 2


As revealed in the Season 2 trailer, Modern Warfare 3 is adding a zombies-multiplayer hybrid mode named Hordepoint.

The game mode was first added to the Call of Duty series during WWII (so you can be forgiven for never having played it, we all skipped that year one month after release), and has only just been dragged back out of the archives again.

We know this mode is planned to be coming to Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer, but the Season 2 trailer also depicted Warzone's returning Resurgence map Fortune's Keep as a zombie playground, meaning all three branches of the series could be combined to make one massive Hordepoint experience.

What is Hordepoint?

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Hordepoint isn't your usual Zombies experience, although that might not be what you wanted to hear, given that there's a clear lack of round-based undead content. Hordepoint actually combines Zombies with multiplayer and will see the lifeless limb stacks spawn on maps like Estate, Highrise, and the newly-added Departures.

Here, players will go about their usual 6v6 Hardpoint games, shooting each other and rotating around the next objectives, holding down the area to score points.

Once you're on the hill in Hordepoint, the action doesn't stop, and Zombies will spawn in the objective to hunt you down and keep you on your toes as the enemy regroups and swoops in.

The game mode will be available in the Modern Warfare 3 playlists, rather than in Zombies, but will still combine the beloved game modes in one action-packed slaughterhouse.

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