Zelda fans stunned by Tears of the Kingdom final boss hack

Zelda fans stunned by Tears of the Kingdom final boss hack
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8th Jun 2023 16:25

For all their innovation with sailing ships, riding trains, and building massive Korok torture machines, the Zelda games have a pretty linear formula. There's nothing wrong with this copy-and-paste approach, but we all know, something happens, Princess Zelda goes off for a bit, and then we beat Ganondorf to restore peace.

Despite The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom being the biggest entry in the franchise's 37-year history, it's much of the same. After completing the temples, there's a showdown at the floating Hyrule Castle. The fight is a tough one, but wannabe Hylians have found a handy hack to beat the final Ganondorf boss with ease.

What is the tears of the Kingdom final boss hack

[TotK] Thank you Ganondorf, but you can keep those...
by u/KirbyOfHyrule in zelda

Even with a stacked arsenal of hearts and Sage abilities, the final Ganondorf boss battle can quickly wipe you out. The four-stage Ganondorf battle is the game's hardest, but over on Reddit, u/KirbyOfHyrule has discovered a way to give him a pummelling. 

During his second stage, Ganondorf releases red orbs that will hone in on Link and permanently remove his hearts. Being hit can be a b*tch, but according to the OP, you can parry Ganondorf's orbs back at him. Instead of avoiding, a well-timed charge will send them back and injure Ganondorf with his own attack. 

Be warned, you'll need the Master Sword for this one because hitting the orbs with a standard weapon will only throw one back and then break in the process. These gloom orbs return in the final Demon Dragon phase, with the charged attack also coming in handy here.

Zelda fans react to easy Ganondorf fight hack 

Demon King Ganondorf final Tears of the Kingdom boss
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While some of you are mocking us like the Demon King himself for not knowing the trick, others are adamant they'd never known about the handy hack until now. One cheered, "I had just been frantically running to get out through a gap or just tank the hit."

Another added, "I tried to parry them and my Hylian Shield that must have been at 90% durability broke in an instant," while a third said, "I was knocked down from 25 hearts to 6, with only 3 hearts not gloomed because of that attack. I'm in utter awe of this clip and realizing how much easier the fight could’ve gone."

Obviously, the final Ganondorf boss battle comes toward the end of Tears. Most of us are still plodding around the massive map, soaring to sky islands, and diving into the Depths. Still, if you're getting close to that muscular menace, this will hopefully make things a little easier. 

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