You Can Now Play Doom At McDonald's

You Can Now Play Doom At McDonald's
id Software | McDonald's

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Tom Chapman


1st Jul 2022 12:59

Will we ever get tired of finding new weird and wonderful pieces of paraphernalia to run DOOM on? By now, we're sure most of you have played id Software's seminal shooter and some point, but have you ever played it on a McDonald's kiosk?

Heading back to the boom in home gaming, 1993's DOOM revolutionised the first-person shooter genre. While later games like GoldenEye helped bring FPS games onto consoles, DOOM laid the groundwork for everything from the aforementioned 007 game to Call of DutyHalo and CS:GO. Transcending its own legacy, we're obsessed with getting DOOM to run on weird platforms. 

Can You Play DOOM In McDonald's?

Posting on Twitter, one retro gaming fan showed the bizarre scene of DOOM playing on a McDonald's kiosk. It's unclear whether they actually got the game up and running on the self-service system themselves or it was simply there when they stepped into the outlet, but still, it's a great scene.

Someone said, "Now make it vertical and put Doomguy's face on the card reader," which we'd love to see. Not everyone is convinced it's real though. When one critic said, "It's just a regular old PC built into a cabinet.... Not hard to do," they then responded to their own tweet and claimed it's a Photoshop. If you think it's so easy to do, why not give it a go yourself then? Smart arse.

Real or not, there was plenty of love for this. The official Xbox account shared a tweet, while even DOOM creator John Romero chimed up. The gaming legend said, "I'll take an order of fries with it." The DOOM Twitter reshared the OG tweet and said "a genius." In the past, we've seen DOOM being played on an ATM, on a TV screen inside Minecraft, and even a pregnancy test. Are McDonald's kiosks next? We hope so. 


What's Next For DOOM?

After a series of sequels through the '90s and '00s, DOOM got a massive reboot in 2016. The first major instalment in 12 years was a huge hit and quickly led to DOOM Eternal. Although it wasn't quite as successful as its predecessor, it's left us wondering whether there will be a trilogy of reboots. 

These days, the massive acquisition of ZeniMax Media by Microsoft means DOOM 3 would likely fall as an Xbox exclusive. In February, id Software was hiring a Combat Designer for an upcoming title. With a mention of the ideal candidate having a knowledge of 2016's DOOM and Eternal, many jumped on the bandwagon that we'd finally be getting DOOM 3. By the time the mythical threequel comes out, we'll probably be able to play the OG DOOM inside its 2016 reboot. 

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