DOOM 3 Could Finally Be On The Way

DOOM 3 Could Finally Be On The Way
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15th Feb 2022 13:47

Ever since credits rolled on DOOM Eternal, we've been desperate to see what's next for Bethesda and id's iconic FPS.

The game's return to form in the DOOM  reboot was a shock, as typically, reboots aren't exactly perfect - but somehow, this one managed to nail exactly what the original game was aiming for, delivering on the ultimate catharsis of tearing through the spawn of hell like a truly unstoppable killing machine. And that is the dream.

Now we're waiting to see where the series picks up, and, most crucially, when we'll actually get to step into the Doomslayer's big, hefty boots once again.
And apparently, we might not be waiting for all that much longer.

DOOM 3 May Be In The Works

As spotted by Twitter user XboxWorlds, id Software is currently hiring for an upcoming title, looking for a combat designer - but the most interesting thing lies in their expectations for the staff member.

The new team member must have an "In depth knowledge of recent id games, including DOOM (2016) and DOOM Eternal", the ad reads. Curious.

There's a lot of speculation to be made here, but the most likely scenario is that this indicates a brand new DOOM game on the horizon and that id remain the main port of call for the game's production.

But, there remains another theory.

Could id Software Be Making A New Quake Game?

DOOM 3 Could Finally Be On The Way
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id Software

Though the tweet from XboxWorlds seems to theorise otherwise, this job ad could actually be looking to rope in staff for a DOOM-style remake of the equally iconic Quake franchise.

The remake has been long-rumoured, and frankly, a lot of design philosophies between the two games are incredibly similar. Perhaps if they are aiming to remake Quake, it's probably fair for id to aim for something similar to DOOM in execution, and given that it's a proven formula both by fan reaction and game sales, they'd be silly to duck away from it.


Whether it be DOOM or Quake, we can't wait to see what id are up to next. And if it's half as good as DOOM Eternal was, then we're definitely in for a hell-raising treat.


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