xQc Shocked Over Toxic Black Ops Cold War Players

xQc Shocked Over Toxic Black Ops Cold War Players

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Tom Chapman


18th Nov 2020 14:35

Félix "xQc" Lengyel is one of the most vocal streamers out there and is never afraid to let people know exactly what's on his mind. Now, the 25-year-old has been left shocked by the "toxic" Call of Duty fandom and its latest title. If you've been anywhere near the internet in the past week, you'll undoubtedly have been assaulted by a plethora of Black Ops Cold War news. Treyarch is back in the saddle for this year's CoD and has delivered what's been heralded as the franchise's biggest ever entry.

Although there's been plenty of support for Black Ops Cold War and its upcoming integration with the fan-favourite Warzone, that doesn't mean the game has come without its problems. Despite xQc making his name with Overwatch and playing as part of Dallas Fuel in the Overwatch League, he's started dabbling in other games as part of his transition into becoming one of Twitch's biggest names.

As well as being partial to a match of murder most foul with Among Us, xQc is no stranger to Call of Duty. With Cold War hot off the press, Lengyel thought he'd hop into a match to see what all the fuss is about. We're guessing he didn't expect to find such a toxic lobby during a late-night stream. 

xQc Black Ops Cold War
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There was a particularly NSFW exchange (you've been warned) where xQc was eliminated and said, "It was you, right?". The pro player and his opponent dialled things up to 100 as the expletives flew and the other player said what they were going to do to xQc. This wasn't the only negativity he faced when he hung around in the Cold War lobbies. The streamer said, "Guys, guys, guys, it’s 3 AM on a f*****g Monday, you guys are playing Call of Duty talking sh*t" and was met with a barrage of abuse. 

Has xQc finally his foul-mouthed matches in the Cold War lobbies? It's a long-standing tradition that CoD lobbies aren't the friendliest, and when it comes to xQc, it looks like some casual players couldn't pass up on the opportunity to take him on. We wouldn't say anyone "won" in this particular instance, but xQc was definitely knocked down a peg or two. 


Lengyel has had a busy week after he was at the centre of a Fall Guys controversy when he sniped a fellow play to help his team qualify. Even though the decision didn't exactly make him popular, we doubt this is the reason the Cold War lobby turned on him so quickly. One of his CoD rivals previously said they didn't like his content anyway, which could've sparked the argument in the first place.

Whatever you think of xQc, there's something about his larger than life personality that has seen him continue to climb the Twitch ranks. Whether he'll be suiting up for another Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War match remains to be seen, but either way, xQc was on the receiving end of some serious flak. As usual, xQc wasn't one to hold his tongue. 


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