Twitch Streamers Dominate Reddit With Viral Pixel Art

Twitch Streamers Dominate Reddit With Viral Pixel Art
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Emma Hill


4th Apr 2022 15:43

Reddit has been flooded with streamers showing off their artistic flair on a piece of pixel art on the subreddit r/Place as part of an April Fools' joke. 

Reddit is a weird and wonderful place. Its myriad communities cater to everyone but video game fans, in particular, have taken to calling it home, able to share their passion (and memes) about pretty much every game that's ever existed on the platform.

The site is also extremely popular among the streaming community. For example, the subreddit LivestreamFail is particularly well-known for circulating some of the most hilarious or strange moments caught on YouTube and Twitch streams, such as when "ScaryCheese" was told off by his mum and when Evan Gao accidentally deleted all his followers

However, following on from April Fools' Day, all attention was drawn to the subreddit r/Place where users were able to go wild creating a piece of pixel art, a fact picked up by streamers who brought their audiences along for the ride.

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What Is The R/Rlace Subreddit Trend?

For anyone who's been out of the r/Place loop, the subreddit is an art project in which literally anyone can post a single, tiny, coloured pixel to create an image, but only every five minutes. So, a user could be on the way to build say the Eiffel Tower, only for it to become something else entirely thanks to other users using their precious pixels to take it down. 

The project first began in 2017 as part of an April Fools' Day experiment and quickly exploded with more than a million Reddit users transforming the blank communal canvas into a brilliant piece of artwork using six million tiles. Having become a hugely-popular annual event, fans were excited to see what weird and wonderful images would appear in all their pixelated glory in 2022. 

As word got around that r/Place was up and running again, some popular Twitch streamers wasted no time in making their mark on the image. 

Which Twitch Streamers Contributed To The R/Rlace Artwork?

As Reddit users flocked to the page, r/Place became a battleground with some famous streamers contributing to the pixel mosaic. For example, Zack "Asmongold", Hasan "HasanAbi" Piker, and YouTuber Ludwig "Ludwig" Ahgren all shared their experiences of r/Place. However, it was Matthew "Mizif" Rinaudo and Felix "xQc" Lengyel who dominated the space with their livestreams and commentary of the drama unfolding on the subreddit. 

For example, xQc captured the hilarious moment that his creation of a woman's rear was quickly censored by Reddit moderators by a large black block of pixels. Not to mention, just to give you even more of an idea of how just how chaotic the event was, Mizkif stated: "So now, [xQc]'s attacking me everywhere, which means "BruceDropemOff" is attacking America, OTK's getting cancelled, and now we're going over here and we're attacking xQC."  

So, the r/Place event may be officially over for 2022. However, with Reddit users brutally battling it out to make their mark on the canvas, it's certain we haven't heard the last of this for the year. Then again, LivestreamFail will always be there for us with some quality content

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Emma Hill is a Junior Journalist at GGRecon. She studied Film & English at University of Manchester, and also took part in an Introduction to Acting for Video Games course. She loves everything from Skyrim to Stardew Valley.

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