Xbox Series S Just Got A Price Hike... Again

Xbox Series S Just Got A Price Hike... Again
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Joseph Kime


10th Jan 2023 15:59

The cost of everything is rising, and it seems like video games are no different. We should have seen it coming, but it's still pretty bleak to see AAA games get hiked all the way up to $70/£70 a pop.

It's especially frustrating for the sporting franchises that don't offer a lot of content deviation year after year.  It's a new normal we're yet to get used to - as we don't really have much of a choice.

Console prices are the same, with PlayStation notoriously being the first to instate a hike on the cost of the PlayStation 5. Xbox held its nose up and insisted it wouldn't do the same - before doing the same. And now, as if in reaction to Xbox's initial hesitance, they've done it all over again.

Xbox's Prices Are Going Up In India

It looks like gamers in India might be set to suffer yet another hike to the price of their Xbox Series S consoles, as one report from a market analyst implies.

A new tweet from gaming market analyst Rishi Alwani has reported that preorders for Xbox Series S consoles from January 10 are coming in at a price of 39,990 Indian Rupees, which amounts to around $490/£403.

This is after the console was selling for only 37,990 rs. A few months ago, which amounts to around $465/£382.

It's a shame that the console is going up in price so much with such little notice - and especially after the company seemed so smug about the fact that it wouldn't follow in PlayStation's pricing footsteps.

How Much Does The Xbox Cost In The UK And USA?

The discrepancy in cost between countries for the Xbox line of consoles is pretty massive, especially when you compare India to our shores in the UK.

As of right now, you can pick up an Xbox Series S for $240/£242 the Microsoft Store and (a far cry from the pricier equivalent in India) as well as the Xbox Series X for $499/£449 - only a fraction more than India's Series S.

It's a bizarre pricing model depending on where you live, but it looks like we'll have to suck it up. And if there are more hikes, well, we'll just have to grin and bear that too.

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