The PlayStation 5 Slim Actually Exists

The PlayStation 5 Slim Actually Exists
PlayStation | Matthew Perks

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Joseph Kime


20th Jun 2022 09:08

The reinvention of consoles halfway through their life cycles is pretty commonplace in the gaming industry, so where's our PlayStation 5 Slim?

We've seen the Nintendo Switch Lite this generation, with the Switch offering players a more cost-effective means of playing new Nintendo titles on the go. Remember that the last generation saw slimmer editions of both the PS4 and the Xbox One.

It's no surprise, as players keep snapping them up. Although the midpoint of the generation is still a few years off, fans are wondering what's next for the consoles we know and love. And it looks like one fan has got the jump on Sony.

Is PlayStation 5 Slim Real?

Long before Sony is ready to launch a slim model of its hugely successful PS5, one YouTuber has managed to build an unofficial PlayStation 5 Slim model - packed with water cooling to boot.

The makeshift console is built with a full-cover water block for the motherboard, custom heatsinks, flash voltage and more features, which are all kept together by a custom copper case that looks as slick as can be.

The console is unbelievably thin, and though it'd likely be ridiculously expensive and sound like a helicopter taking off if you tried to run Spelunky, it makes you wonder just how far off a console like this could be.

Matthew Perks' video showing how he built it is utterly fascinating - and makes you think when it's time for PlayStation to start taking hints from him. Much like whispers of a PS5 Pro, we're expecting that those at Sony HQ are already tinkering at a PS5 Slim.


Matthew Perks' Tech Is Incredible

Perks' channel is rammed with other incredible tech developments, not just restricted to the world of gaming. In the past, he's built his own DIY submarine, a whopping portable PC, and he also developed the viral "stealth PS5" from last year, which saw him create a PlayStation that perfectly blends into any gaming setup. 

The builds are incredible, but the slim version of the PS5 might be the most plausible to come to the market. When the PS5 first launched, one of its biggest critiques was its size. As well as looking like a giant wi-fi router, the PS5 isn't exactly light. The question is, can Sony really take all of that grunt and put it in a smaller package? Well, Perks seems to think so. PlayStation, we hope you're taking notes.

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