Warzone Season 4 deletes AI bots and significantly ups TTK

Warzone Season 4 deletes AI bots and significantly ups TTK
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Jack Marsh


13th Jun 2023 13:55

The two biggest gripes of Warzone 2 are set to be removed going into Season 4, as leaks have suggested that some major changes are about to occur.

It's become increasingly noted that AI bots have been a failed mission in Warzone, with the computerised enemies proving to be more of a nuisance than a tool to become successful. 

But heading into Season 4, leaks have now suggested that AI enemies are being removed from Warzone (persisting in DMZ), while there will be a significant overhaul to the TTK rates as an increased health rate is set to be added.

Warzone 2 will remove AI in Season 4

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Since it launched, fans have hated Warzone's AI system. Even though the bots are a good resource to be tapped into for the start of the game, they soon become hugely frustrating - often giving away your position and giving off annoying audio cues. 

Now, Insider Gaming has revealed that AI will be "completely removed" from Warzone. The leaks do give off some contrasting details, as Strongholds will continue to be available in Warzone, which would be useless without the AI and just be high-tier loot drops.

Other leakers have suggested that AI will be removed from the ground in Warzone, but not from Strongholds, which would still be a great addition and probably the right balance for players.

Warzone's TTK is getting increased as a health buff is coming in Season 4

In an equally important leak, Insider Gaming also reports that players will be getting a 50% increase in health, with the base health value being upped from 100 to 150. It's in a bid to increase the TTK rates and offer more manoeuvrability in the game rather than being instantly killed if you don't shoot first.

The increased health will mean it will likely take at least three more bullets to kill a fully-armoured opponent (torso shots), which will be a well-received balance update amid various outbursts from the community

Combined with three armour plates, you will have 300 health in Warzone Season 4. These changes are reportedly a result of community feedback, meaning that they will likely stay if the fans are happy with them (yes, you might have to audibly praise Warzone for once if you prefer it this way).

With Vondel coming into the fold too, Warzone is really trying its utmost to give players what they want.

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