Warzone players slam TTK: Faster than the human blink

Warzone players slam TTK: Faster than the human blink
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Jack Marsh


30th May 2023 16:40

One of the most brutal fallbacks of the lack of movement in Warzone 2 is that the time-to-kill rates have also been ramped up, often making you a sitting duck.

With no defence mechanism to outplay your opponents, Warzone has really become a challenge for whoever can shoot first, and now, the time-to-kill rates are so high that a single blink of an eye can be enough for you to be Gulag-bound.

As the speed of death continues to surge with more "meta" weapons, players have now slammed the Warzone 2 TTK rates as "faster than the human blink" and are calling for a change.

Warzone 2 players fed up with TTK rates

Can someone explain to me how i am dying faster than the human can react.. with Full Plates on?
by u/ImPretendingToCare in CODWarzone

Fans have been complaining about the TTK rates for some time now, but it seems with the current Season 3 meta, guns have been buffed stronger than ever before, making the time it takes to die almost minuscule.

After a viral clip hit Reddit - where the user literally dies before they could react despite being at full health - fans have now slammed that Warzone 2 TTK.

"With the current movement and servers, this TTK is atrocious, is honestly the biggest thing holding this game back," said one fan.

Warzone 2 TTK is 'faster than a blink'

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Putting "blink and you'll miss it" quite literally, some players have found that when getting headshots, the TTK rate can plummet to around 300ms, even with full armour. This means it can be faster than a blink, which clocks in anywhere between 100ms and 400ms.

"[You] can kill in about 300ms or less. Faster than the human blink. Same c**p as with the Warzone 1 guns," one fan said. "Don't blink when you play," joked another fan. 

Warzone fans might now have to play much more calculated if they want to survive, making sure that you always see your enemy first, and with no blinking allowed, some matchsticks on your eyelids might be the new meta.

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