Warzone 2 players demand answers for ‘baffling’ bots on Ashika Island

Warzone 2 players demand answers for ‘baffling’ bots on Ashika Island
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Jack Marsh


13th Mar 2023 14:41

There seems to be a bizarre fascination for pushing Warzone 2 as a PvPvE game at the moment, and despite pushback from the fans, the developers are spouting more AI enemies into the battle royale title.

Following in the footsteps of Fortnite - which created quests and high-tier loot missions around NPCs - Warzone 2's addition of AI was supposed to make grabbing your loadout both tougher and more engaging when compared to the original game's system of run around and grab cash.

But now, the devs appear to have gone one step too far, meaning irate fans are demanding answers as to why the "baffling" AI enemy is being added to Ashika Island.

Warzone 2 Resurgence fans demand answers for AI addition

With Ashika Isalnd slipping into the Resurgence category, fans of the game mode expected a Rebirth-esque experience which is as frantic as a multiplayer game but with all the feel of a battle royale.

However, the AI has slowed the game mode down by becoming a huge distraction to players. Now, loyal fans of the game mode have had enough. Taking to Reddit, they've demanded answers as to why there are "bots stomping around, shooting at you, distracting you, giving away your position." 

"I have been baffled by a lot of choices but this one is really one that makes me think the developers don’t even play the game," said the Redditor, who demands a logical reason why they have been added.

Warzone 2 fans are convinced that AI cost too much money to remove

Despite having recently added community-voted game modes into MW2, the developers are silent on the matter. Other Warzone 2 fans are now convinced that the AI are still there because they cost too much money to develop and refuse to remove them now.

"They invested a good amount of money in it, and now they have to see it through to “prove” their investment. It’s called a sunk cost fallacy," one fan said.

There appears to be some truth to this, too, with someone else adding, "Some streamers have said there is a specific dev at IW who keeps actively campaigning for AI to WZ and is the main reason we have it in Resurgence."

With Warzone 2 struggling to stay afloat in recent weeks, it might be time that the developers finally cut their losses on the AI aspect soon. Until then, you might have to bite the bullet and make them eat yours...

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