Warzone’s Hardpoint mode splits fans as Battlefield knockoff

Warzone’s Hardpoint mode splits fans as Battlefield knockoff
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Jack Marsh


8th Jun 2023 16:20

Call of Duty multiplayer fans have grown up on the game mode Hardpoint, which came into fruition in the Black Ops 2 era and has since overtaken Domination and Team Deathmatch as the foundation for 6v6 action.

Having become the staple game mode for Call of Duty multiplayer casuals and professionals alike, Activision has now decided to implement Hardpoint's basic idea and throw it into Warzone.

Coming in Season 4, "Lockdown" will take place on the Warzone Resurgence map Vondel, but its first look is now splitting fans, as many appreciate the helter-skelter action whilst others are branding it as a "Battlefield Knockoff."

Warzone adds new Lockdown LTM based on Hardpoint

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Taking to the official Call of Duty blog, Raven Software unveiled Lockdown as a game mode that will "task multiple Quads at capturing and holding zones around the map rather than being the last squad standing," where Custom loadouts will be available from the start, akin to Plunder.

Initially, most fans had been open to this idea, given that it should be the perfect way of levelling up guns and add a fun way to discover every corner of the map. Players will also enjoy rotating early and holding down areas of Vondel.

"Finally, this is the most obvious thing to do with the Warzone map after battle royale," said one fan on Twitter, adding, "Thank goodness". However, not everyone has been as receptive...

Warzone fans brand Lockdown LTM as 'Battlefield Knockoff'

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Straight off the bat, others noticed some stark similarities to the Battlefield 2042 game mode Conquest. "What in the Battlefield 2042 is this?" quizzed someone on Twitter, while others added, "Watered down Conquest" and, "Bro this is straight-up Conquest."

It's not the first time Call of Duty has toyed with this idea. You might remember how Black Ops Cold War had a quite popular Fireteam Hardpoint game mode on the Outbreak maps. Whether you love Battlefield or not, Lockdown will be available as of the Season 4 launch offering a new way to explore Vondel.

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