There are 12 bunker locations in Warzone, and number 11 has something hidden inside, but where are they located?

18:00, 29 May 2020

In recent Call of Duty news, the bunkers that have been located around Verdansk have been made accessible. For the first time since Warzone was introduced, the map has changed, with the eleven bunkers being able to be entered. Here’s our Call of Duty tips to everything Warzone Bunker related, including how you gain access, where they are, what is inside them, and why they could result in the Dam being blown up.

How to access the bunkers in Warzone.

The Warzone Bunkers are only accessible if you acquire the Red Access Cards, with the exception of Warzone Bunker 11 which requires a more complicated series of events. Bunkers 0 through 10 can be entered by acquiring the Red Access Cards, locating a bunker, and interfacing with the control panel on the right-hand side.

The access cards can be found in legendary crates, although they are rare, even within those, and will have a red glow. Once you have picked the Red Access Card up, it will stay with you until you either die or use it. You can also acquire an access card through killing a player who has one. In the same way the players loot will fall on the ground, the access card will be dropped and therefore you can pick them up.

What is inside the Warzone bunkers?

The Bunkers contain loot boxes, similar to the vaults in Apex Legends and Fortnite. With multiple ordinary and legendary boxes to be found within each bunker, you can use these to get some legendary gun blueprints, huge stacks of cash, and plenty of Scorestreaks.

Warzone Bunker Locations

There is a total of 12 Warzone Bunkers, numbered 0-11, which are primarily scattered around the outskirts of Verdansk, calved into the stoney mountainous landscape. Most bunkers can be found built into the mountainside (left in picture) or within the concrete structures (right).

Bunker 2 and Bunker 11

The locations of the bunkers are as follows.

Bunker 0: At the southernmost point of Verdansk, just below ‘Hills’ on the map.

Bunker 1: The first of three on the east of the map, Bunker 1 can be found to the north of the Kart Racing Track

Bunker 2: Located within a small concrete structure, Bunker 2 is on the western border, just north of Junkyard.

Bunker 3: The third bunker is in the same place as the second, but in a separate concrete structure. It can be located by jumping down a ladder hatch revealing the underground bunker.

Bunker 4: On the Northern side of the map, Bunker 4 can be found in the mountainside near Dam

Bunker 5: Again in the North of Verdansk, Bunker 5 is located in between the Military Base and the Crash Site

Bunker 6: Bunker 6 is on the western border, a short trip from Quarry.

Bunker 7: Similar to Bunker 3, this underground in the concrete structure to the North-West of Stadium, near the Karst Bridge.

Bunker 8: Eight is Sevens twin, located in the same area.

Bunker 9: The most popular, and easiest to find, Bunker 9 is to the North-West of prison in the mountainside.

Bunker 10: South of Park.

Bunker 11: Bunker 11, as previously mentioned is a special one - it's found at the very North of the map near the fire station above Military Base, but you'll want to read on for info on how to get in. Red Access Cards alone won’t cut it here.


How to Access Bunker 11

Bunker 11 is different. On the outside it looks ordinary, however, its contents are not. Inside you will find loot boxes, as per normal, but a crack in a wall leads to a now-not-so-secret room, which contains a legendary MP7 variant, as well as a nuke. In what appears to be just a foggy room, you can interact with a button which will clear the smoke and reveal a nuke in the room. This has since led to an array of suspicion, such as the blowing up of Dam, however, it is currently useless. With the introduction of Modern Warfare Season 4, this nuke may have a purpose, however, we will have to wait. The real prize in here is the Legendary MP7, as well as a couple more legendary loot crates.

To access Bunker 11 you will have to go through a series of tasks, including learning Russian. Pretty simple.

First off you will have to locate a phone. The locations of the phones are in the image below, courtesy of Reddit user u/Malteneer

WarzoneBunkerPhoneLocationspng Image via u/Malteneer | Reddit

Once you have found a phone, it will ring, and you will have to interact with it to answer it. You will have to listen to the call very closely as the next step is important. You will either hear a disconnecting, which means this is not the phone you will need to start the side-quest, meaning you will have to move to the next one (the phone you will need will be decided at random), or you will hear Russian. If you hear Russian, what you will be listening too is a number, you will then have to translate the number to English and locate that number phone which they say. The translations have been done below, meaning you can revisit this page every time you go for it. After the third phone, there will be a message saying you have done it correctly, and the bunker will open for you upon arrival. If it doesn’t open, you may have missed a step, meaning you will have to go back and check.

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