Warzone Players Beg Activision For More 80s Crossovers

Warzone Players Beg Activision For More 80s Crossovers

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Tom Chapman


31st May 2021 10:21

There's a blast from the past, with the Call of Duty community embracing the '80s crossovers in a big way. With the ongoing Season 3 wiping out the OG Verdansk and replaying it with the much more apt Verdansk '84, it means Call of Duty: Warzone has been brought in line with Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. To celebrate, Activision has peppered its battle royale juggernaut with some familiar faces from the '80s. While Rambo's John Rambo and Die Hard's John McClane have made their mark, players are asking for more.

Warzone is no stranger to pop culture crossovers, and you might remember when The Haunting of Verdansk added The Texas Chainsaw Massacre's Leatherface and Saw's Billy the Puppet. The latest crossover is a bit more interactive, with key locations like Die Hard's Nakatomi Plaza being added to Warzone. While Epic Games' Fortnite is known for its pop culture crossovers, Warzone tends to tell its own story. But, could all of that be about to change? 


What 80s crossovers are Warzone players asking for?

Posting on Reddit u/ElectroLuminescence shared a fictional Tommy Vercetti operator skin from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. The conversation quickly turned to which other '80s icons should come to Verdansk. In terms of the Vice City skin, one fan wrote, "Its not like rockstar is working on anything right now anyways. This would be the ultimate collaboration". As for who else we want to see, another said they'd love a Sonny Crockett skin from Miami Vice, someone suggested a Colonel John Matrix from Commando, and a third asked for Tony Montana from Scarface

The problem is, Fortnite has already ticked off a lot of the '80s skins, meaning it's unlikely we'd see them in Warzone. In recent times, Epic Games has rattled through PredatorAlien, and Terminator. It would be amazing to see a Sarah Connor Operator taking out legions of rogue T-800s, but it's probably just a pipe dream. Thankfully, the '80s were full of action movies. A RoboCop Operator, Top Gun's Maverick, and Escape from New York's Snake Plissken are all up for grabs.


Could we see more 80s crossovers in Warzone?

In a separate post, redditor u/Brunz514 shared their own idea to bring Montana to the game - with the idea taking off. Not everyone was impressed though. One critic wrote, "Don't start giving them ideas. Pretty soon they'll have every 80's action star in Warzone. LOL. Bruce Willis from Die Hard, RoboCop, Terminator, Jon Wick, Dutch from Predator, etc... I can just see a RoboCop car skin to look like a police car". 

Although we haven't got the exact stats, the first Action Heroes bundle has been a verified hit. So far, Warzone skins have largely been limited to in-world characters, however, you'll all remember the drama with that invisible Roze skin. Activision might be spreading its pop culture bundles out, but with Verdansk presumably stuck in 1984 until next year, there's plenty of time. With the introduction of Verdansk '84 coming months after the release of Cold War, we're expecting Warzone's '80s theme to run long after the release of the rumoured Call of Duty: Vanguard. Who else would you like to see shoot up Verdansk in Call of Duty: Warzone?


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