The cheater was caught through Vanguard during a scrim versus Dignitas Female.

15:29, 27 Jan 2021

Justice has been served to a cheater who has managed to climb the VALORANT ladder to become the eight highest-ranked player in North America (according to After Riot Games deployed the Vanguard anti-cheat software to make sure cheaters never prosper, the player was caught to be hacking during a scrimmage match versus Dignitas Female. 

The player behind the hacks was operating under the Alias "ReFleckFPS" (although now their account has been banned and their social media platforms deactivated). The user's account had notched up 174 wins, 5,428 kills, a kill and assist to death ratio of 1.45, and was currently marked down as the eighth-best player in the region. Having achieved more than just a reputation, ReFleck had found themselves high enough up the rankings to earn a scrim.

The news broke through several members of the Dignitas Female squad taking to Twitter. Juliana "Showliana" Maransaldi posted the picture of the infamous "hacker detected" announcement that terminates the game, whilst the likes of Amanda "rain" Smith quoted it saying "IN THE MIDDLE OF OUR SCRIM", followed by laughing emojis.

Professional VALORANT coach Anthony ‘antmanosca’ Manosca caught the action live, which prompted it to also be shared on Twitter, with Dignitas' captain Emmalee "EMUHLEET" Garrido saying "Here's the clip of us in shock during our scrim... so funny LOL".

The girls are seemingly flabbergasted before breaking into hysterics at the shock of a hacker being caught within such a competitive setting. 


The Vanguard software identified the hacker just five rounds into the scrim after ReFleck was reportedly acting as a "tryout" for an unnamed team. 

Whilst the cheater managed to worm themselves into the top 2.3% of players in the world, Vanguard has been praised for actively removing and banning players from the game. 

Despite this, cheating in VALORANT still remains a serious issue, with Riot looking at multiple avenues to put a plug in more cheaters surfacing whilst effectively flushing out those who already exist.



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Image via Riot Games | Twitter | Showliana

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