Riot Games and Bungie have teamed to file a lawsuit against the makers of a cheat software plaguing VALORANT and Destiny 2.

14:34, 13 Jan 2021

Cheaters never prosper, unless you never get caught, huh. Despite having solid anti-cheat systems unlike other titles, cough cough I'm looking at you Call of Duty, some rogue agents have slipped through the net in both VALORANT and Destiny 2

In times when the fight against hackers and cheaters has never been stronger, Riot Games and Bungie have pulled out the biggest defence there is. The respective gamers of the two titles have reportedly filed a lawsuit against GatorCheats after they have allegedly been selling cheat software to players that have subsequently been dropping into said games.

Reports also suggest that Bungie have tried other lawful methods to interrupt the cheaters coming from the site, such as gathering a cease and desist towards GatorCheats. Despite the attempts though, they continue to sell the cheating software from any range between $90 and $500. Said hacks contain things such as aimbot to wallboxes (being able to see hitboxes through walls), all of which go against the TOC's of most games and will result in lifetime bans when caught.


GatorCheats seemingly sell a range of hacks for other games too, although VALORANT and Destiny 2 are the largest recipients. Should their lawsuit be successful, many other developers will owe them a lot of gratitude. 

Amid the lead up to the VALORANT Champions Tour, kicking off later this month, Riot Games are keen to see this problem squashed before any hacker worms their way in the esports scene. As the first full championship since the games' release last year, many players have had their integrity called into question, posing a threat to the game.


With GatorCheats suppressed, Riot and Bungie would have one less skeleton in their closets.


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Image via ALNEUH | Bungle

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