VALORANT players want an easier way to unlock OP agents

VALORANT players want an easier way to unlock OP agents
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Jack Marsh


9th Mar 2023 10:04

Since VALORANT first launched, there have been many more agents added to the pool that have become just as effective as the starter pack, if not even more overpowered.

With the new addition of Gekko, the VALORANT agent pool has expanded to a whopping 22 characters to choose from.

However, the limitations to unlocking them have never waivered, and now long-time fans think this is damaging the game by dissuading new players to get involved.

VALORANT players call for agent unlocking fees to be lowered

With 15 new agents to unlock, in comparison to the four that were needed at the start of VALORANT's lifetime, one Redditor has now called for the devs to re-think how new players can access agents.

"Today new players get the same 7 early characters but there are 15 characters to unlock. That's 3,000,000 exp.," explained the user.

They added, "as more characters get added it gets harder and harder for new players to unlock characters".

VALORANT fans think expensive agent fees are dissuading new players to join

With the first seven characters that are unlocked containing the likes of out-of-meta Brimstone and Raze, players are in a rush to unlock the newer and more useful agents such as Gekko, Chamber, KAY/O and Astra.

But with over 3,000,000 exp needed to unlock the entire set, the Reddit user has called on Riot to mix up which agents are on the starter block.

"I think the devs should consider giving new players 6 characters on release (I think a flash initiator could be a good choice as we have Sova but his role is very different than a KAY/O or Breach, or pick a fan favourite or simple character)," they added.

Another system which could be a popular addition is something seen in Smite and other MOBA games where the developers open up a "free character" to use each month, meaning players who have yet to unlock the offered-up agent could then play them for the month before they become locked again.

The idea did get some mixed reactions, but it couldn't harm VALORANT to give new players more of an incentive to stick around.

For more on Gekko, be sure to check out our tips for playing as the new character.

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