VALORANT announces new duellist agent: Iso

VALORANT announces new duellist agent: Iso
Riot Games

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Jack Marsh


19th Oct 2023 17:11

It's been a rough year for duelist mains in VALORANT

From the bottom-of-the-barrel ranks all the way to the elite professionals, duelists have been shackled up and hung out to dry, even stunting the careers of world-renowned stars like Jacob "yay" Whittaker and Tyson "TenZ" Ngo.

With Jett getting nerfs throughout last year, and the likes of Neon not being able to fill this void, a change in playstyle has been enforced on players in this category. But now, this could be about to change as VALORANT announces Iso.

Riot Games reveals the new VALORANT agent: Iso

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Number 24 is here. As Deadlock and Gekko move out of the limelight, the 24th agent is being rolled out. 

Introducing Iso. 

The Chinese duelist has now been announced by Riot Games, in a cinematic which depicts him as a "fixer" for hire.

The cinematic builds Iso up to be "bulletproof", which then plays into his ability pool.

New VALORANT Agent Iso abilities revealed

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As usual, the agent has four abilities:

(E) Double Tap

Using a focus timer, downed enemies you kill or damage generate an energy orb which grants you a shield once shot, with the shield absorbing one instance of damage from any source.

(Q) Undercut

Undercut is a molecular bolt which can pass through solid objects and walls, dealing health and "fragile" damage.

(C) Contingency

This indestructible wall of energy blocks all incoming bullets.

(X / ULT) Kill Contract

As a hitman, Iso can pull an opponent into a void where two players will enter a short 1v1 duel to the death.

VALORANT fans share their immediate Iso thoughts



Straight off the bat, Iso appears to be quite a fan favourite, with a portion of the fan base already drooling over the "hot" agent. Many fans expected Iso to have some form of aimbot-like ability or tracking elements given his name's likeness to the abbreviation for "in search of".

But his abilities are being hidden behind lock and key, despite the announcement, much to the annoyance of Matthew "Nadeshot" Haag who took to Twitter to say, "RIOT, I'M ON MY HANDS AND KNEES, PLEASE SHOW US HIS FULL KIT."

Fans have been quick to applaud this agent too, taking to social media to say

"Coolest agent announcement yet," said pro player Alexander "Zander" Dituri on Twitter.

Reigning World Champion Corbin "C0M" Lee added, "DAMN THIS GO HARDDDDDDDDDD."

Even G2 Esports joined in on the action, joking with on the quip "We're ready to learn Chinese.

Iso will be rolled out to the public on October 31 when Episode 7 Act 3 airs, where he will be the seventh duelist, looking to take over the category completely and leave Phoenix, Jett, Reyna, Raze, Yoru, and Neon in the dust.

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