VALORANT Pros Hail Riot Games After Perfect Jett Nerfs

VALORANT Pros Hail Riot Games After Perfect Jett Nerfs
Riot Games

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Jack Marsh


22nd Apr 2022 11:26

Since the dawn of VALORANT, Jett has reigned supreme with her silver whisks and piercing blades. Many top-tier players have found great success with the duelist, although, at the elite level, players have often expressed that her abilities are unnatural to the game and that she should be nerfed. 

However, she remained a key component of most professional teams, having become irreplaceable on the majority of maps, even if there was an element of begrudging about her usage. 

Now, Jett has finally been nerfed, and amid fears that she will either barely change, or become completely useless, pro players are now praising Riot Games for their Goldilocks-esque fix.

Riot Games Nerf Jett Dash

The changes to Jett come in the way of her Dash ability, which has always been regarded as a broken mechanic and almost a "get out of jail free card". The upcoming changes will mean that players have to manually activate the Jett Dash before using it, rather than just button-bashing when they're in trouble. 

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Now, in order to use the Jett Dash, players will have to press the ability key once to activate it, where they will have just 12 seconds to use it before the time runs out - meaning you have to use it tactically.


Players Hail Riot Games After Jett Nerf

Having found the right balance to make Jett viable, but not essential, professional VALORANT players are now applauding Riot Games.

As a reaction to the changes, Team Liquid's Adil "ScreaM" Benrlitom said, "Thanks Riot. This reduces the insta reaction dashes which is a big nerf for Jett."

Interestingly, the Gambit Esports players (now operating under the banner of M3 Champions amid the political stances of Riot Games against Russian organisations) also hailed the changes, despite having a style of play that revolves around their sentinels, rather than duelists.

Ayaz "nAts" Akhmetshin said, "TBH Jett nerf looks good", while Igor "Redgar" Vlasov added, "Read this Jett nerf and I think Riot Games found out the way how to not make agent out of meta and she is still usable, so it's nice!"

The agent pool now allows for Chamber to be just as important to a team composition, if rosters want to utilise a duelist at all.


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