VALORANT fans are going crazy over ‘hot’ new duelist ISO

VALORANT fans are going crazy over ‘hot’ new duelist ISO
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Jack Marsh


19th Oct 2023 17:13

VALORANT has its fair share of heartthrobs, with devil-may-care and attitude-full agents flaunting good looks and unwavering charm.

And it's not too uncommon for trepid gamers to take these attractions too far; even VALORANT observers have been told off in the past for sneaking cameras too close to agent's butts.

Now, those erotically charged VALORANT fans are hopping like a Duracell bunny at the sight of the new duelist: Iso.

VALORANT's new duelist ISO is branded 'hot'

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ISO's entrance into VALORANT was first leaked yesterday before an official announcement came the day after by Riot Games.

But as the first images were released, VALORANT fans were quickly won over by his smouldering looks.

VALORANT caster Samuel "SamTalkz" DeLoach kicked things off by using an "Oh no he's hot" gif, which was quickly followed by a multitude of fans all echoing the sentiment of his "hotness".

As expected, some fans upped that excitement level though.

"It’s not a woman but I'm still BARKING GOD," said one fan taking a leaf out of Darren "iShowSpeed" Watkins's book.

"Iso can fix me," added popular streamer Chris "Flexinja" Irvine, while Twitch partner Lydia "Tupperware" Wilson simply said "Smash."

VALORANT fans take turns in gauging Iso's inspiration

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With many anime characters out in the world, fans have also claimed that Iso looks like a range of other characters, most namely VALORANT's own Fade.

One page claimed that he could be Fade's brother, which wouldn't be uncommon in Riot Games' character arcs: League of Legend's has many pairs of siblings, with the likes of Darius and Draven, Garen and Lux, and Kayle and Morgana all sharing respective parents.

Other fans also guessed that Iso's appearance was driven by the new Genshin Impact character Wriothesley, popular streamer Timothy "iiTzTimmy" An, or the anime character Chihiro Rokuhira from Kagura Bachi.

Iso will likely want to stand on his own two feet for the first few weeks though, as the agent comes in to mix up the Chamber and Jett instalocks in the duelist category.

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