Unreal Engine 5 Dino Crisis Remake Gives PS Classic More Bite

Unreal Engine 5 Dino Crisis Remake Gives PS Classic More Bite
TeaserPlay | Capcom

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Tom Chapman


18th Nov 2022 15:18

While Resident Evil remains Capcom's undead goose that laid the golden egg, let's pour one out for Dino Crisis. 19 years after we last saw a game from the franchise, Dino Crisis looks like it's gone extinct.

Coming out in 1999, the OG Dino Crisis was an imaginative survival horror. Sadly, things slowly went off the boil with the next two entries and the light gun shooter spin-off, while talk of a fourth game never turned into anything.

With a tease of a potential Dino Crisis remake from Capcom, now seems like the perfect time to share an impressive concept trailer for an Unreal Engine 5 Dino Crisis remake.

What Does The Dino Crisis Remake Look Like?

As usual, this glossy Unreal Engine 5 trailer comes courtesy of TeaserPlay. We recently covered how they dreamed up a mythical open-world Black Panther game, while we've previously shared their Peaky Blinders concept and a new-gen God of War remake.

In the trailer, we see the red-haired Regina touring lush jungles and taking on toothy dinos. The highlight is a giant velociraptor that we imagine would be a menace to take on.

With dark corridors and wide spaces, it looks like a brilliantly modernised version of this forgotten classic. With critiques that later games lost their survival horror themes, the trailer reminds us of what made the OG so great.

Cheering about the remake, one fan wrote, "I've been playing my ps1 copy for years. If we could get a remake I could die a happy man." Another said, "If Capcom remakes this it would be more hype than RE."

Is A Dino Crisis Remake On The Way?

Sadly, Dino Crisis doesn't get anywhere near enough recognition as a '90s survival horror. It was overshone by Silent Hill releasing the same year, while Capcom had made a name for itself with the first two Resident Evil games.

Capcom has already ventured into its back catalogue of remakes, with the Resiverse repeatedly getting a fresh lick of paint. Couple that with the success of Devil May Cry 5, and Capcom has said it's looking at reviving older IPs.

Going against the idea of a Dino Crisis remake, Capcom is releasing Exoprimal next year. The game looked a lot like Dino Crisis on its first reveal, which led to angry fans asking why the series has become a fossil.

We'd like to point out that Exoprimal is nothing to do with Dino Crisis, so we're not sure why Capcom now has two series with dinos and a red-haired protagonist. What are the chances, eh?

Team Arklay had been working on a fan remake, however, the Twitter account is dead and it looks like the project is too. A Dino Crisis remake would be an easy sell, but nearly two decades after we last had a game, we aren't holding our breath. 

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