Dino Crisis Remake Teased For PlayStation

Dino Crisis Remake Teased For PlayStation
Images via Capcom

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Tom Chapman


17th Nov 2022 17:23

Life, uh, finds a way. If you're questioning where Capcom's Dino Crisis has gone, you're not alone. Worry not though, a Dino Crisis remake could be on the way.

Clawing its way onto the original PlayStation in 1999, Dino Crisis was effectively Resident Evil with dinosaurs. Although it was largely outshone by Silent Hill coming out the same year, Dino Crisis helped define the survival horror genre.

We've not seen a Dino Crisis since the panned Dino Crisis 3 from 2003, but for some of us, we've never given up hope on seeing Regina and the Special Operations Raid Team again. 

Is A Dino Crisis Remake On The Way?

Apparently, PlatinumGames and Capcom have teamed up with the legendary Shinji Mikami. For those who don't know, Mikami had a hand in creating Resident Evil and Dino Crisis.

Mikami's Facebook page states that he's working on a mysterious "remake" with Capcom and Platinum games. Remember, he left the house that Resident Evil built to join Platinum and work on Vanquish.

These days, Mikami has set up shop at Tango Gameworks and recently delivered Ghostwire Tokyo. We're not sure whether Tango is also involved, but given that it's now owned by Microsoft, imagine if it manages to remake a former PlayStation exclusive.  

Others think it could be the PS2's God Hand. Someone who "claims" to be close to Mikami has been teasing a God Hand remake on Reddit, but as with all these things, it could be a hoax.

What Happened To Dino Crisis?

Following the disappointment of Dino Crisis 3, the franchise fell into limbo. In 2014, there were whispers of a revival, with Monster Hunter Online's Tao Weish saying he'd love to take on the challenge.

In 2017, Capcom denied reports of internal development, but later that year, said a Dino Crisis return could be on the cards "if a lot of people wish." 2019 saw Capcom promise to reinvigorate "dormant intellectual properties" and trademark what appeared to be a Dino Crisis remake.

Sadly, none of the above has ever turned into anything. Instead, we have the suspiciously Dino Crisis-esque Exoprimal coming out in 2023. After 19 years of laying dormant, most of us fear Dino Crisis has gone extinct. 

Capcom has made a fortune from its Resident Evil remakes, and you only have to look at the hype for the upcoming Resident Evil 4 remake to see a return to Dino Crisis would be a dino-mite idea. 

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