Unreal Engine 5 Peaky Blinders Game Looks 'Unreal'

Unreal Engine 5 Peaky Blinders Game Looks 'Unreal'
BBC | TeaserPlay

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Joseph Kime


3rd Oct 2022 12:07

Fan games are the secret ingredient in the communities of independent video game development. Though many IP holders have shown that they're not particularly keen themselves (we're looking at you, Nintendo), they offer an avenue for developers to hone their craft and grow more talented in the development space.

These fan games also give developers or wannabe developers the ability to gain traction as ones to look out for, which has even bagged developers jobs with their dream companies in the past. They're much more crucial to the growing communities of development than the big companies would have you believe - and another game has appeared online that is blowing fans away.

TeaserPlay Reveals Look At UE5 Peaky Blinders Game

Developer TeaserPlay has revealed a concept trailer for their game based on BBC show Peaky Blinders, and it looks about as fantastic as we've come to expect of them. Previously, we've seen TeaserPlay deliver concepts for an UE5 God of War and Insomniac's upcoming Wolverine

The game looks almost like a blend of the gameplay and aesthetics of Red Dead Redemption II and Mafia, coming together to really sell the post-World War One world, with Tommy Shelby at the helm. You can tell it's supposed to be Cillian Murhpy's Brummie mobster, making us dream of the acclaimed series all over again. 

In typical TeaserPlay fashion, the Unreal Engine 5 Peaky Blinders looks absolutely gorgeous, and it's one we'd be desperate to get our hands on if we had any hope that the game would ever actually see a release. Sadly, BBC dramas don't typically make for AAA games. But, that's not all that TeaserPlay has been up to.



TeaserPlay Has Designed A Half-Life 2 Remake

In among the sea of gorgeous projects that the YouTube channel has been undertaking lies a gameplay concept for an Unreal Engine 5 remake of the shooter classic Half-Life 2. As usual, the comment section is filled with fans asking why someone hasn't hired TeaserPlay yet.

This reimagining of Valve's 2004 FPS reminds us of what made the original so great in the first place, but only improves as it adds breathtaking reflections bouncing from the ground and walls. Who knows if we'll ever get a remake like this from official parties in the future, but in the meantime, at least we have this concept to work with.

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