Assassin’s Creed Red protagonist may have been leaked in new art

Assassin’s Creed Red protagonist may have been leaked in new art
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22nd Oct 2023 18:09

It has been just over a year since Ubisoft announced that a highly anticipated Assassin’s Creed game, which would take the franchise to Japan for the first time, was in the works.

Nothing about Assassin’s Creed Project Red has been revealed since, however new artwork shared on the LinkedIn page of a senior writer at Ubisoft may reveal what the protagonist looks like.

Artwork may have revealed what Assassin’s Creed Red’s protagonist looks like

Reddit user, Cygus_Lorman, noticed that Senior Writer at Ubisoft, Pierre Boudreau, has updated his banner art on LinkedIn to a picture which seems to show the protagonist from the upcoming Assassin’s Creed Project Red.

His profile on the platform confirms that he is currently working on the game.

It has not been confirmed whether or not the artwork is related to Assassin’s Creed Red, however there are some clues that place the image in a Japanese setting, namely the pagoda in the background.

The sword in the image also resembles the sword from promotional pictures shared last year alongside the announcement.

Another hint is that the image is covered with a red hue, potentially alluding to the codename for the game.

More information about Red’s protagonist seems to have been leaked on Twitter

A known Assassin’s Creed leaker, known as j0nathan, shared on Twitter more information about the protagonist for Assassin’s Creed Red.

The original post was written in French, however Reddit user, Cygus_Lorman shared a translated version on the gaming leaks and rumours subreddit.

The translation says: “The heroine should be called Naoé/Naoi (but it could be changed between now and the release of the game, like Jora became Eivor in Valhalla).

“It is also very likely that it is her name in Japanese "ナオエ" under the Assassins logo on the right [in reference to the banner on LinkedIn].”

The post also suggests that her storyline is similar to Bayek’s from Assassin’s Creed Origins.

Now that we are receiving some trickles of information about Assassin's Creed Red, it is likely that an announcement with more information will come sooner rather than later. At least we know the game probably hasn't been forgotten since last year.

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