Assassin's Creed Fans Demand Black Flag Remake

Assassin's Creed Fans Demand Black Flag Remake
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5th Jan 2023 11:23

Ah, Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag. A classic, no? After the successes of Assassin's Creed II and Brotherhood, we were pretty reluctant to move on from our boy Ezio, who has undoubtedly become the core mascot of the franchise.

Though Assassin's Creed III was a treat for fans, it didn't really sway fears that the franchise was past its prime. Black Flag changed that.

The swashbuckling adventure injected a fresh locale and atmosphere into the series while maintaining all that made it so special, and fans instantly fell for it. And now, they want more. Naturally.

Assassin's Creed Fans Call For Black Flag Remake

Assassin's Creed Fans Demand Black Flag Remake
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Fans have come together to support the notion that Black Flag is more than worthy of the remake treatment that many games in the industry are getting right now.

The game was a huge deal - and big seller for the franchise - meaning players have come together to agree that there could be more room for it to do the same thing again.

"I don't get why Ubisoft is not making another Black Flag it was the highest-selling AC game and til now there is no competition in pirate games," reads a post from Reddit user kyromx123.

Others have come to the nautical adventure's defence in the comments, suggesting that a return to the game could be a real treat.

"I'd love a remake considering the game was made for the 360 and PS3, but if they're ever gonna do a full remake for a game they're gonna do AC1 before any of the others," said another.

A third weighed up a remake or a sequel, saying: " A remake would be an instant buy with me. Loved the setting and I don't how many hours I spent Just sailing grom island to island listening to the shanties. But I wouldn't be averse to a second part either."

Remember though, swashbuckling games aren't in short supply right now. In fact, the truth is quite the opposite.

Pirate Games Are Rife Right Now

Even without a Black Flag remake, we're truly treated to pirate games at the moment, and there's plenty to fill the void regarding swashbuckling adventures.

Of course, Sea of Thieves is still performing incredibly well on Game Pass, with updates to keep it relevant - plus, with Skull and Bones yet to come out (quality pending), there's every chance that a brand-new resurgence is on the way.

It might not be Black Flag, but there's a world of pirating out there - and all players need to do is find it.

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