'The biggest blockbuster of 2024’: Ubisoft has worryingly high hopes for Assassin’s Creed Red

'The biggest blockbuster of 2024’: Ubisoft has worryingly high hopes for Assassin’s Creed Red
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12th Jul 2023 14:05

It's clear as day that Ubisoft is putting all of its eggs in one basket, and it's making fans a little nervous - not only for Ubisoft but for Assassin's Creed.

We've all known for some time now that AC has been the most lucrative franchise for the company, and now that it's realised that many simply aren't interested in their other games with cluttered UI, Ubisoft is going hard on the franchise.

Rumours claim that upwards of ten games in the series are in the works, creating growing concern that Ubi will go too hard too fast and turn out games of considerably lower quality than the shimmering past. A new response from Ubisoft paints a picture that it's putting way, way too much pressure on the series.

Ubisoft is relying on Assassin's Creed way too much

It looks as though Ubisoft might have higher hopes than anyone else in the video game world, as one LinkedIn post has indicated that the game's teams expect it to be the biggest game of next year.

As initially pointed out by Access the Animus on Twitter, the Business Development and Brand Partnership at Ubisoft has put out a call for sponsorship partners for the upcoming Assassin's Creed Red - the long-awaited series journey to Feudal Japan. But, in the process, they've shown that Ubisoft has immense expectations.

"Do you want to partner with the biggest blockbuster for 2024?" says Arusa Lagunzad on LinkedIn. "I'd like to hear from you!" The idea of a Japan-set AC game has the potential to be the biggest entry in the series' long history, but being the biggest blockbuster of 2024, we're not sure about that one. 

Why does Ubisoft expect AC Red to be so big?

A close-up of the unnamed protagonist of Assassin's Creed Red.
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The positive response from fans upon the reveal of Assassin's Creed Red may have spurred staff members at Ubisoft to expect some really big things from the codenamed project - but if there's any truth to rumours of a landslide of Assassin's Creed games, who's to say that anyone will pay attention for long enough for it to do this well?

Let's remember that 2024 is already a pretty packed year, boasting Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice LeagueStar Wars OutlawsHellblade II, and (obviously) Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. Only time will tell if the series can meet the expectations of its creators - but if any AC game can do it, it's the Feudal Japan one. Bring it on.

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