Twitch streamer disgusts fans by eating raw chicken live on camera

Twitch streamer disgusts fans by eating raw chicken live on camera
Images: Twitch - ExtraEmily

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Joseph Kime


17th May 2023 17:10

It seems that even though Twitch is something of a cultural vacuum, some people will do anything to climb the rankings - that even includes a potential case of salmonella. 

Taking to the streets and letting fans blast fart noises through their speakers, viewers paying to blare sirens as streamers try to sleep, or issuing the classic shouting and screaming over revelations that ultimately don't matter, Twitch streamers have a whole arsenal of ideas and concepts to fire upwards.

Howver, we now think we've seen it all, one Twitch streamer seems to value subs over their health.

ExtraEmily eats raw chicken live on Twitch

Twitch streamer ExtraEmily recently went on a mission to discover the differences between one-star Chinese restaurants and five-star Chinese restaurants. As result, she ate something she probably shouldn't have while on this mystery tour.

The streamer went to the supposedly one-star-rated restaurant and sat with her viewers as she ate some chicken. When she showed the chat the inside of the food she'd just bitten into, it was clear she'd made a mistake.

The chicken was clearly raw, even as she insisted that it was actually cooked. As fans begged her not to keep eating it, she went on to bite into it once again. While she's feigning innocence, we guess ExtraEmily knew what she was doing. 

Describing it as "nice and chewy," one viewer responded simply with, "Nice and chewy is not how you describe fully cooked chicken." We're inclined to agree, as not eating raw chicken is a pretty basic rule of Cooking 101.

ExtraEmily could be about to be down for the count

Just in case it needs to be said, don't eat raw chicken. There's a very good chance that Emily could get seriously ill as a result of chowing down on the pink chicken during her stream, hence viewers' concern - but it seems she didn't notice that there would be a problem.

There are a lot of things we'd do to keep our viewers engaged on the world stage that is Twitch, but we might personally draw the line at risking a trip to the hospital for some dodgy dish. We also dread to think what Gordon Ramsay would have to say about this one!

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