TSM win Apex Legends Year 3 ALGS Championship

TSM win Apex Legends Year 3 ALGS Championship
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Alex Garton


10th Sep 2023 21:00

Heading into the Apex Legends Year 3 Championship, DarkZero were overwhelming favourites thanks to their brilliant win back at the Split 2 Playoffs.

However, after falling out of the event extremely early, all eyes were on the experienced TSM to take home Champs and secure the trophy.

Despite a shaky start in match point finals for the CEO and the rest of the crew, they managed to snatch the crown with three impressive wins in a row.

TSM take home the crown at the ALGS Championship

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TSM have won the ALGS Year Championship and the majority of the prize money, but the road to get there certainly wasn't easy.

At the beginning of finals, Optic got off to a blistering start and were the first team to reach 50 points and match point.

Despite reaching the final circle in multiple matches, they couldn't quite get over the line, giving TSM the chance to steal the victory.

With three unbelievable back to back victories, TSM managed to get their redemption from Split 2 Playoffs with a first place finish.

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With Year 4 of the ALGS now on the horizon, it'll be interesting to see whether TSM can carry their momentum over to the next event.

Of course, it won't be easy, with The Dojo, Optic, BLVCKHVND, and FaZe all looking like contenders, next year is going to be tough.

There's also DarkZero to think about, who will be looking to make an impact with a dominant comeback victory.

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