The Witcher 3 Mods Are Breaking The Game's Raunchiest Scene

The Witcher 3 Mods Are Breaking The Game's Raunchiest Scene
Images: CD Projekt Red

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Joseph Kime


15th Dec 2022 13:49

Fantasy worlds seem to be on every corner of the video game industry right now, and even though the genre dominates the "video game classics" category, fans still zero in on their favourites despite similarities.

Dragons, magic, big f**k-off swords, you name it, they've got it. But there's something that sets The Witcher aside - and it's that it's pretty horny.

Fans have come to expect this of the games at this stage, and many are drawn to it for that very reason - after all, the Dragonborn doesn't bump uglies, so why should players care?

Geralt gets a bonk on, and that's important - but the new next-gen upgrade for The Witcher 3 is stripping the game of its shagging.

The Witcher 3 Next-Gen Isn't Showing Sex Scenes

Reports from players are beginning to spill out in the wake of The Witcher 3's next-gen update, claiming that sex scenes have been pulled from the game on PC. Apparently, it could be down to mods that players have installed.

Reddit posts have started appearing, where players are complaining about the lack of sex scenes. in particular, a major scene featuring Yennifer especially isn't being seen, and they've been frustrated after not getting to see the scene in true next-gen. Get a hobby, guys.

"I'm surprised how the update just rolled in and you immediately went to that cutscene," says one commenter. Even though it's funny to join in and goof on the original poster, this probably shouldn't be happening. And some players think they've identified the problem.

The Witcher 3 Next-Gen Isn't Working With Many Mods

According to the researchers dedicated to restoring sex scenes in The Witcher 3's next-gen in Reddit post comments, it looks as though the new version of The Witcher simply isn't compatible with many mods that players have already had installed before upgrading.

It's a problem that CD Projekt Red will likely be looking into sharpish, especially as the upgrade already has plenty of performance issues. We're glad for the sake of the internet that the raunchy scene will be making a comeback. Thank God for horny redditors. What would we do without them, eh?

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