The Witcher 3 Is Getting A Netflix DLC

The Witcher 3 Is Getting A Netflix DLC

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Joseph Kime


17th Jan 2022 13:21

The Witcher, while indebted to the Netflix series of the same name, could frankly have survived with less immense hype. The game franchise is lauded as one of the greatest fantasy video game titles, with The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt up there and rubbing shoulders with some of the greatest games in existence on favourite game lists.

As this popularity translated to the small screen, the Henry Cavill-led Netflix series has brought Geralt into homes across the world and broken the barrier of video game characters becoming household names in the same way that the upcoming The Last of Us series seeks to.

Both the games and series are incredible achievements, and with a new series on the way, it doesn't look like The Witcher is planning on dropping the ball any time soon. Fans of Netflix's The Witcher, this one's for you, as the series is set to bring something of a crossover between the game and the show.

Why Is The Witcher 3 Getting A Netflix Series DLC?

News of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt's long-awaited new-gen update has been expected for some time now, and we finally have something to go off thanks to the official The Witcher Twitter account. Apparently, there are plenty of new features.

CD PROJEKT RED has tweeted to suggest that we'll be getting the upgrade this year, and it'll be coming with some goodies sourced from the Netflix series The Witcher too.

The "free DLCs" mentioned in the tweet seem curious, but this tweet comes with a question - will the free DLC be available for regular versions of the game?

Is The Free Netflix DLC Coming To Last-Gen The Witcher?

The tweet's wording has cast the launch of the DLC into doubt, with fans wondering if their PS4 or Xbox One versions of the game will still get these new themed additions. To be honest, this very much seems like a next-gen exclusive deal.

It could end up being similar to a tie-in by Marvel's Spider-Man - the game got some free DLC in the form of Spider-Man suits from the then-upcoming Spider-Man: No Way Home, but it only came to the remastered version of the game for PS5. The Witcher following the same strategy would make sense, though this will likely be more accessible thanks to the fact that The Witcher 3's next-gen upgrade is coming free of charge.

Either way, it's a nice touch that will tie the upgraded game to the recent season 2 of the series, and give players a sweet little bonus for upgrading. Next-gen The Witcher has been a long time coming - and we can't wait to give the game another 100 hours.


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