The Sims 5 Playtests Are Already Having Problems

The Sims 5 Playtests Are Already Having Problems
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Tom Chapman


28th Oct 2022 14:00

You could definitely build a house in real life in the time it'll be until Maxis releases The Sims 5, but still, that doesn't mean we aren't pumped for the next addition to the simulation series' ever-growing family. After all, there are only so many body hair and baby expansions The Sims can release until we've had enough.

With The Sims 4 coming out in 2014, we're well overdue for a new mainline entry. We were under no illusion that things would end here and we'd be left with a neverending stream of expansions, but still, it was refreshing to hear Maxis is working on the mysterious Project Rene, aka The Sims 5

How Can You Access The Sims 5 Playtests?

EA opened the doors to The Sims playtesters immediately after Project Rene was announced. From October 5, you could head to the EA site to throw your hat in the ring, however, there are reports (via PCGamesN) that successful applicants are struggling to access it. On the community forum, disgruntled simmers shared their frustration. 

"Was it meant to start today?" said one. "I used to have it under 'Your Playtests' but it disappeared completely and only shows up under 'Your Playtest History' with the tag 'Scheduled Not Confirmed' when earlier today it was under 'Your Playtests' and it had the  'Approved' tag. Another raged, "I was selected to playtest via email and completed the survey (which was approved) and when I went to check it last night the approved playtest on my playtesting account was gone. Now it's in my history showing Scheduled Not Confirmed."

It looks like there's been a screw-up on EA's end, but it probably won't help those who were approved for the playtest but are unable to access it. Sadly, it looks like unless you were notified, you've missed the boat on being one of the first to try The Sims 5. The playtest applications went relatively under the radar, which makes sense - assuming EA will try to keep things locked down tight.

When Could The Sims 5 Release?

Unfortunately, we're told The Sims 5 is in its very first stages of development, meaning we're presumably years away. Also, with those lucky ones who managed to get into the playtest presumably signing their lives away with NDAs, it's doubtful we'll get much footage. Then again, that didn't stop Diablo 4 players laughing in the face of Blizzard's NDAs.

EA has been playtesting the new Skate game for an age, and there's been no shortage of footage finding its way online. The fact that the Sims Summit also highlighted the upcoming infant update means the team has no intention of abandoning The Sims 4 just yet. They haven't given us a potential release date for The Sims 5, and given Skate's lengthy development, we don't imagine it'll be before 2025. Either way, a botched playtest isn't a good sign of things to come. 

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